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Fusiontale is an AU where Sans gives Flowey his SOUL, and they fuse into Sunny at the end of a Genocide Route to reset the timeline. However, because of this, combined with the unknown intentions of gaster, all the other characters also become fused with each other. Alphys and Mettaton, Chara and Frisk, Undyne and Papyrus, and so on and so forth. This is an allusion to the popular animated series "Steven Universe".

About this AU

Sans offered his soul to Flowey in a Genocide route, becoming the being known as Sunny. With full control over resets, they completely mixed up the timeline and reset everything to the point all of the monsters ended up fusing with one another.


  • Sunny - (Sans + Flowey) looks like a girl with cream colored hair, with a hat decorated with flowers and two remote controls as Flowey and Sans. He has a dark blue dress. He likes to troll people. Pretty chaotic by nature, very agile, clever and unpredictable.
  • Uranus/Undyrus - (Undyne + Papyrus) Valiant knight,seeking justice.It is very hard and strong in battle.It can use telekinesis to move bones.It looks like a skeleton Undyne with a mixture of both of their clothes
  • Metaphys/Metalyphs - (Mettaton + Alphys) Charming royal scholar. He knows a few tricks, catches enemies, etc. He does not like being asked questions. In his spare time he watches anime.
  • Asoriel - (Asgore + Toriel) Sad parent with a broken heart.Sometimes blocks and protects from attacks. They're probably one of few if not the only fusion that were willing to fuse.
  • Shyrook - (Shyren + Napstablook) Very shy and cute.Likes to listen to music and sing.It cries poisonous tears and uses the Banshee scream.It is a mixture of a ghost and a siren
  • Muffy - (Muffet + Grillby) Spider-like monster with a violent temper.He likes to steal and extort money.Know one knows how he will take your money
  • Friska - (Frisk + Chara/Not to be confused with Chisk) Sociopath and Pacifist.Not very stable.Sometimes they will spare,sometimes they will kill

There are more fusions but they are unknown...


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