THIS version of Fusion tale takes after Steven Universe, where everyone has the ability to fuse. The plot also follows that of Steven Universe. To see the book, click [1] <= This right here. If you can access this link, I'll post the story down below.

Also, give credit to Rebecca Sugar for somewhat providing the videos.

Season 1

Episode 1: Alphys' Discovery

One summer day on the surface, Alphys was experimenting with DETERMINATION once again. But this time, she found an amazing discovery. She called a now 14 year old Frisk about her new discovery.

"Um Frisk, a-are you there?" Alphys said unsure if Frisk would answer. "Hey Alphys, how are you doing?" said Frisk as he answered happily. "I-I'm doing fine. But, I need you to round up everyone. I need everyone to see what great discovery I've made with DETERMINATION." said Alphys in a very excited tone. "Um, okay!" said Frisk as he hung up. "This is going to be exciting!" Alphys said to herself as she got ready to demonstrate her experiment.

20 minutes later...... Everyone was gather in Alphys' new lab that she had ever since the monsters were allowed to come back onto the surface. Everyone looked different than what happened about 4 years ago. Asgore was wearing a hawaiian shirt with denim shorts.  Asriel was back, but that's a story for another time, wearing a green and yellow plaid shirt with a white t-shirt under with black pants on. Toriel was wearing a more modern version of her old dress. Sans was wearing what he usually wears except without the jacket. Papyrus was wearing a black t-shirt and with actual pants on (OMG! I know!), and Undyne looks the same as ever.

As everyone arrived, Alphys started to speak. "Everyone. Now, you might be wondering why you're here. Well, you all know that my past experiments with DETERMINATION were disastrous. Well, not this time! I have found an amazing ability that one's with DETERMINATION can do. But, I will need some volunteers. Sans and Frisk, why don't you guys come over here?" Sans and Frisk looked at each other in uncertainty, but shrug it off and they walk towards Alphys. "Now, I want you guys to be calm, look at each other, and and think happily". They follow her and instructions and as this happens, a red heart forms on Frisk's chest, while a light blue one forms on Sans' chest. Also, Frisk's hands started to grow a pinkish-reddish aura around his hands while Sans' eye started to ignite and a light blue aura formed on his hands."Good! Now, dance!"

At first, it seemed ridiculous. But, Frisk's flexible and agile dancing went well Sans' somewhat version of hip-hop. Until, Frisk back flips into Sans. They started to glow brightly during the impact. But, then they started to change shape. They grew a bit taller and and they looked like they were fusing together. They're souls also fused. It became a blue outlined red soul. The result of this display was a tall, 4 armed, skeleton, with blue dots for pupils, with Frisk's striped t-shirt under Sans' blue jacket over it, with messy brown hair, and a very recognizable smile.

"May I introduce you to, Frans!" Alphys said excitedly. "Hey there, uh... everyone..." Frans said shyly. Frans both unfused and Frisk looked at Sans in awe and visa versa. "Due to this discovery, now we have made fusion possible!" Alphys announced. Everyone clapped at this amazing discovery. Toriel seemed a bit uncertain about this.

"But, the real reason I brought you hear is because of an uprising enemy. The Hoard. The Hoard is an organization of complete evil monsters and entities. Not even Frisk's Mercy can change their hearts. I need people who now how to handle this situation. But, Frisk you don't have to-" Alphys said before an alarm was sounded off.

"What is that?!" said Toriel. "Hoard alarm! The Hoard are attacking. Asriel and Frisk, you guys need to stay here! We can't risk you guys getting hurt." Alphys said as everyone else left. "But-" said Asriel as he was going to protest before everybody left already.

Episode 2: The First Battle

Everyone got to the city and there were these weird pig Iooking things. They looked like warthogs, but they had armor on and had muscles. Everyone was really confused.

"Um Alphys, are these things the Hoard?" asked Toriel in a confused tone. "Um, yeah... But, only the weak soldiers of the Hoard..." said Alphys in an embarrassed tone. "Well, let's finish them off, Alphys!" said Undyne excitedly. "Um, Undyne, I-i'm not going to be fighting. I'm not really the fighting type. Good luck!" said Alphys as she stepped to the side.

With Asriel and Frisk..... "Hmm....... Ha!" "Frisk, what are you doing? You trying to blow up something?" "No Asriel. Toriel said one day that I had a potential power that I have. I want to unlock it, but it's not going on too well." said Frisk in a depressed tone. "Don't worry Frisk, I have never even been close than able to use my abilities." said Asriel with a toothy grin. "Heh, well, I will try to master my abilities. Maybe, even with you" Frisk said as he softly smiled as Asriel. Asriel's face reddened a bit at this. But, that moment also got Asriel thinking.

"Hey, maybe... Just maybe.... This could be the chance to prove ourselves useful! If we help them fight and prove our strength!" Asriel said with an exhilarated look on his face. Frisk looked at Asriel for a moment, and he nodded. They both ran out the door to the city.

Meanwhile... Toriel threw a barrage of fire at the Hoard Soldiers, burning them into dust. Undyne and Asgore stabbed at most off them. Sans and Papyrus weren't even trying. Papyrus kept the bones coming, while Sans sent them flying. Asgore kept crushing them with his fists and trident. "Gah! These things just keep coming! Alph, how much more?!" yelled Undyne. "Only like 14 left!" Alphys yelled back. They all kept at it until they were all gone. "Well, that's over with" said Toriel. Asriel and Frisk came running towards the group. "Hey guys!" "Asriel?! Frisk?!" everyone said in sync.

But, even after all of the soldiers were nothing more than dust, the ground started to rumble. "What's going on, Alph?!" Undyne yelled. "It's a huge one!" Alphys yelled back. Soon, the ground started to crack under Asriel and Frisk. Two scaly green hands grabbed them and a giant lizard with spiky battle armor came out of the ground. In one hand, Frisk was in, frozen in fear. The other, Asriel was in, struggling to get out of.

"Asriel! Frisk!" yelled Toriel. She looked around for something to use. She soon saw the beach and it had giant rocks. She ran towards one and grabbed it. While everyone else was fighting the reptile, Asgore saw Toriel getting ready to pick up a giant rock. He was going to help her, that was until he saw the most amazing thing. Toriel lifted it with ease. She ran with the rock over her head and threw it and the reptile with all the force she could muster. It hit him dead in the face. The reptile dropped the children and stumbled backwards. Toriel caught them. She was going to tend for them, until they were knocked into everyone else. They all fell on the ground in defeat. The reptile began to charge its fire breath.

"Sans! We're gonna die!" Papyrus cried. "Don't worry, we'll get out of this.........." Sans said back. "Alph...." said Undyne with sorrow in her eyes. "Undyne....." Alphys said before slowly grabbing Undyne's hand. "Mom....... Dad......." Asriel said as he crawled to his parents. Frisk saw as everyone hugged for dear life. Frisk stood up. He walked towards the reptile, disregarding the fact that everyone was yelling his name. He looked straight in the beast's red eyes. The reptilian soldier took this as a challenge and fired at him. "Frisk!" Everyone yelled as they saw Frisk engulfed in the flames.

"BUT....... I.......... REFUSE"!

Those were the words everyone heard before they saw a redish-pinkish glow in the fire. Soon, something started to repel the fires. A shield. A huge one. It was pinkish-red, had a heart on it and a white outline. Frisk was supposedly maintaining the shield's stability. He held back the fires with his shield and threw the shield at the reptile. It hit him in the face. "If you endanger my family, you deserve no mercy!" Frisk said with complete anger in his voice. He got a miniature version of the shield hovering near his arm. He threw it at the beast, causing it to boomerang back at Frisk. He caught it and threw it again, causing to slash at the lizard's face. Frisk jumped up and punched it in the face with all the force he could give. The lizard fell and turned into a pile of dust.

Everyone looked at Frisk with surprise. Frisk, then turned to everyone with tears in his eyes. "Guys...." he said as he ran to Toriel, hugged her, and cried into her arm while she knelt down. "It's okay, my child... You saved us all. Don't regret anything. Those monsters had no soul whatsoever. Don't be ashamed of you had to do the right thing. Even if it were against my intention. There there....." Toriel cooed. Everyone joined in the hug. They held the embrace for a while.

3 hours later.....

"Woo-hoo!" Sans yelled in excitement as everyone celebrated the 1st victory against the Hoard. Everyone was socializing about what might happen in the future. Soon, Asgore calls for everyone's attention. "Okay everyone, Frisk and Asriel have something they want to preform for you" says Asgore as he gives the attention to Frisk and Asriel. Frisk and Asriel both have ukuleles. "Okay, here we go...." says Asriel as they both start to perform.....
Steven Universe - Extended Theme Song - Cartoon Network03:14

Steven Universe - Extended Theme Song - Cartoon Network

Frisk and Asriel: If you're evil and you're on the rise, you can count on all of us taking you down! Because, we're good, and evil never beats us! We'll win the fight, and go out pizzas! We are the Underground! We'll always save the day! And, if you think we can't, we'll always find a way! That's why the people of this world, believe in.... Every monster here, and-

Frisk: Frisk the Human!


Toriel: If you could only know, what we truly seek, when we arrived on the surface, from out beyond their reach. We were amazed to find your beauty and your worth. And, we shall protect your kind, and we shall protect the surface. We shall protect the Surface! And, we shall protect you!


Toriel and Sans: We shall fight for the place where we're free! And, live together to exist as we!

Papyrus, Undyne, and Asgore: We shall fight in the name of Justice, and everything that we believe in.

Frisk and Alphys: We shall fight for the family that we're in, this is the only family we've ever known.

Asriel: I shall fight to be the greatest King, everybody wants me to be when I'm grown.

Everyone: The odds are against us! It ain't easy, but we're not gonna do it alone! Because-

Toriel: We....

Everyone but Asriel: Are the Under-

Asriel: Ground!

Everyone: We'll always save the day!

Asriel: And, if you think we can't...

Everyone: We'll always find a way!

Toriel: That's why the people...

Everyone: Of this world!

Asgore: Believe in.....

Frisk: Every monster here.

Asriel: Especially, Frisk the Human....

Episode 3: sans + PAPYRUS = Sanyrus

It has been a whole month since the first Hoard attack. The team have been doing lots of missions along the way.

The whole team was gathered in the lab, their new base of operations. It had warpads, presentation technology, and stuff a HQ would need. Alphys had a poster with pictures of 3 beetles and 3 different locations.

"Okay everyone. Today, I found out that the Beetles of the Realm are going to become extinct" Alphys stated. "I have divided us into 3 teams. Team 1 will retrieve the Earth Beetle at the active volcao, Mt. Diablo. Team 1 is me, Toriel and Asgore since we can withstand high temperatures. Team 2 will retrieve the Sea Beetle from the ruinous city undwewater. Team 2 consist of Undyne since she's a fish, and Asriel since he can unexplainably breathe underwater. Team 3 will retrieve the Sky Beetle from the Heaven Temple. That means Frisk, Sans, and Papyrus will be on Team 3. Okay, let's go everyone" Alphys said as everyone broke up into teams.

Before Frisk left, Toriel called for him. "Frisk, since you have Sans and Papyrus on your team, I want you to keep the peace" she said as she winked at him. He gave a thumbs up back and teleported to Mt. Haven. It wasn't as tall as Mt. Ebott, but it was tall.

"Hey Pap, why don't you carry me up the mountain?"Sans asked. " What?! No! You sack of lazy bones! Do it yourself!" Papyrus replied. "Geez, I was just joking around. How uptight can you be?" Sans retorted. "You see Sans?! This is why don't form Sanyru-" Papyrus complained before shutting his mouth. Frisk suddenly had a grin on his face.

"You were gonna say Sanyrus, weren't you?" Frisk asked with a huge grin. Papyrus sighed and confessed. "Yes, I was going to say Sanyrus. But, we are not going to fuse for ridiculous reasons" Papyrus said sternly.

"Aww...." Frisk whined. He started to walk until he screamed. "Human"! " Kiddo, we're coming"! When they got to Frisk, he was pinned by a medium sized white dog. "Help! I'm being preyed on by a werewolf!" Frisk yelled, faking it. "Human! We need to be serious about this!" Papyrus scolded. "I'm sorry Papyrus, I just...." Frisk said before he sang.
Steven Universe - "Giant Woman" Song00:56

Steven Universe - "Giant Woman" Song

Frisk: All I want to do, is see you turn into a giant brother. A Giant Brother! All I want to be, is someone who gets to see a giant brother.

All I want to do, is help you turn into a giant brother. A Giant Brother! All I want to be, is someone who gets to see a giant brother.

Oh, I know it'll just be great! And, I just can't wait! To see the person you are together! And, if you give it a chance, then you can do a huge dance! Because, you're a giant brother!

You might even like being together! And, if you don't, it won't be forever! But, if it were me, I'd really want to be a brother. A Giant Brother!

All I want to do, is see you turn into, A Giant Brother.

Annoying Dog: Arooooooooo!

They all got to the Heaven Temple. "Alright, the Heaven Beetle should be around here" Papyrus said as he looked outside on a balcony from the temple. But, there was no beetle. Just a tree.

Papyrus and Sans looked through the tree. Well, more like Papyrus looked through the tree. Sans just looked at a hole in the trunk. "What happened to the Heaven Beetle?! Why isn't it in the tree?!" Papyrus exclaimed.

Before they could do any further searching, a giant black hawk came and started to snap at the group. "Ahh! Giant Raven!" Frisk wailed. Papyrus and Sans tried throwing bones at it, but they bounced off it. Sans didn't ignite the eye because it was uncalled for.. They all ran inside the temple. But, the Annoying Dog got snatched by the Raven. Frisk just whined.

"Guys! Now it would be a perfect time to form Sanyrus!" Frisk exclaimed. Papyrus pondered on it, and sighed. "Fine. We'll form Sanyrus. But, don't blame the Great Papyrus if it doesn't work" said Papyrus.

Sans and Papyrus got into fusion ritual position. Papyrus' right eye and hands started to ignite orange and a blue heart formed on his chest. Sans' left eye and hands ignited blue and a light blue heart formed on his chest. They then started the ritual.

(Sans = Amethyst and Papyrus = Pearl Click the video, if you want to see how the fusion should be preformed.)

Fusion Dance Opal00:22

Fusion Dance Opal

They both fell out of the fusion and they didn't complete it. "Papyrus, I like it how when we dance we didn't finish it. Maybe it would have finished if you gave me a little less elbow in the face!" Sans complained. "Well, maybe if someone didn't drag me down and made the back of my head pay a visit to the floor!" Papyrus retorted. They kept arguing, even when Frisk got into the ruckus.

Soon, Frisk couldn't take it. "You dunderheads! Can't you see what's happening around you?! I wouldn't be surprised if you said no! You two are so busy with arguing with each other that you don't even notice that the Raven is breaking through the roof!" Frisk said angrily. Then, Raven broke through the roof and snapped Frisk into its jaws. "Frisk"! "Human"!

Inside the Giant Raven... Frisk falls into the Raven's insides. The weren't like any normal insides at all. They were almost cave like. Frisk gets up and just sees piles of junk in it. He gets up and looks around. He then, sees the Annoying Dog with something in its mouth. " Wait a minute. That's the Heaven Beetle!" he said as he went to grab it. But, when he tried to pull it from the Annoying Dog's mouth, he kept holding on. Frisk kept pulling until he finally got it, but fell backwards. "Yes! Got it!"

But then, the most amazing thing happened. A hand with a black fingerless glove, came from the 'ground'. So did 3 more. "What's going on?!" Frisk exclaimed. One hand grabbed the annoying dog. Another grabbed Frisk. They brought them both out of the Raven and jumped down. The Raven disperses into little clumps of dust. Frisk and whatever grabbed him landed on the balcony of the Heaven Temple. Frisk looked at the being.

A 4 armed skeleton with a beige hoodie, a ripped red cape, boots, and black pants. One eye was orange, while the other was blue. And, they had a very familiar smile. "Sanyrus?" Frisk said in awe. Then, the clumps of dust that used to be The Raven turned into little ravens. They darted towards the trio. Sanyrus started to use the agility of Sans and Papyrus combined. They started to dash backwards and backflips. They slid down the spiral like walkway, and jumped all the way back to the cliff that was across from the mountain they were on.

"Stay low. I'll handle this." Sanyrus said as he walked towards the edge. He summoned and orange bone in one had and one of Sans' Gaster Blasters in the other. He combined them into a Gaster Sniper, a crossbow like weapon, with a Gaster Blaster at the end. He had two hands held at his side for balance, one on the trigger, and the last on the body of it. The gun charged up and shot out a beige bone, which separated into even more bones, stabbing each of the little ravens, containing their souls in little bubbles. Frisk practically had stars in his eyes. Sanyrus helped Frisk up on his feet and they looked at each other. "Um, do you know.... Who I am?" Frisk asked sheepishly. Sanyrus chuckled. "All you want to do, is see me turn into.." Frisk then, gasped. "A giant brother"!


Sanyrus and Frisk teleported back to Alphys' Lab. Alphys was there with everyone else. "Ah, I see that everyone is back from Team 3 is back. And, where's the Heaven Beetle?" Sanyrus gasped and had a worried look on his face. "W-we forgot it." Sanyrus then, unfused into Sans and Papyrus. They both started to panic, until Frisk pulled the beetle from his pocket. Sans and Papyrus both sighed in relief. Alphys took the Heaven Beetle and put it in a glass box with the other two beetles. Frisk smiled at the skeleton siblings. "See, I saw you two work together for once. Keep up the work!" Frisk said teasingly. Sans and Papyrus looked at each other and they both blushed and pouted.

Episode 4: Toriel + sans = Sanriel

Right now, Frisk, Sans, Papyrus, and Toriel are at a communication hub for the Hoard.

 They all stood before the high building.

"Alright, I think we should take this thing down piece by piece" said Sans. Sans started to blast rocks with a Gaster Blaster off one of the pillars. He only blew off a pebble. "No Sans, that won't work at all, it will take days" said Papyrus. Sans sighed in defeat. "Yeah, you're right.... This is why I hate you being right. You always get this look on you're fa- Yeah, that one........" said Sans as Papyrus grinned at Sans. "Now, what we need need is a well organized strate-" said Papyrus before he got cut off by Toriel saying:

"No. What we need need is Sanriel. Sans, fuse with me". " What?!" said Sans and Papyrus in sync as they both had a look of surprise on their faces. Sans started to smile widely. "Dude. Dude!" Sans yelled. "Yeah! Let's mash it up! Bigger! Better! Better! Ohoho! Ohoho!" .He started to giggle loudly as Frisk got hyped as well. "Wait, are you guys gonna make a fusion?!" "Uh-huh!" Frisk and Sans started to get really hyped.

"Wait, Toriel! Let's think this through. We all know that yours and Sans' personalities wouldn't mix that well. We need to be careful about this!" said Papyrus in a concerned tone. "We don't need to be careful. We need to be huge" replied Toriel.

After they all calmed down, Toriel started the fusion ritual. Toriel formed a yellow heart on her chest and her hands started to give off a greenish-yellow aura. Sans' left eye and hands started to ignite blue and a light blue heart formed on his chest.

"Ready?" Toriel asked with a delighted smirk on her face. "Ready, Tori!" Sans replies with a smirk on his face. "Okay, Synchronize!"

(Sans = Amethyst and Toriel = Garnet)

SUGILITE!! - Garnet and Amethyst Fuse!! Steven Universe01:26

SUGILITE!! - Garnet and Amethyst Fuse!! Steven Universe

Sans and Toriel started to fuse forms. They grew into a skeleton goat, with a purple hoodie robe, white sandals and a pink eye on the bottom left and blue eye on the bottom right. The top eyes were just black. "Hahahahaha! I forgot how good it feels tibia me." replied the new Sanriel. "That's Sanriel ?" Frisk asked. "You got it, kid! Hey Frisk, you wanna see something cool"? "Yeah"!

Sanriel held her hands up forming a giant fireball. It rose up into the air and Sanriel attached a bone whip to the bottom making a giant fireball chain link. Frisk gasped in delight. " You like that, kid?" Sanriel asked teasingly. "Are you gonna smash stuff with that wrecking ball thingy?" Frisk exuberantly asked. "That's the plan! Where should I start?" "That one!" Frisk said with excitement. She nodded and started to swing the wrecking ball at the pillars that made the communication hub. Papyrus grabbed Frisk's shoulder and guided him to the warp.

"Frisk, we are leaving! She is being too much at the moment!" Papyrus said saltily. Frisk frowned. "But, what about Sanriel?" Frisk whined. "She can find her own way home!" Papyrus retorted as he and Frisk stepped onto the Warp Pad, and teleported away. Little did they know was that a rock smashed the Warp Pad.

A few hours later after getting home...

Frisk was outside with the rest of the crew working out with them. Papyrus was inside the house, looking down at them, saltily, and went back to doing his chores. He then, sighs... Papyrus: Human... Why do you have to look up to her? And, not in a literal sense. Don't you know that a power that big, comes at a greater expense? And, can't you see that she's out if control and overzealous?! I'm doing this for your own good, hand not because I'm- I can show you how to be strong. In the real way. And, I know that we can be strong. In the real way. I want to inspire you. I want to be your rock, and when I talk, it lights a fire in you.

Frisk: Come on! I don't want you to be weak! Let's achieve the goals we seek!

Frisk: I can show you how to be strong! In the real way! And, I know that we can be strong! In the real way! I want to inspire you! I want to be your rock, and when I talk, it lights a fire in you!

Frisk and Papyrus: I want to inspire you! I want to be your rock, and when I talk, it lights a fire in you!

Steven Universe - 'Strong In the Real Way' Song01:39

Steven Universe - 'Strong In the Real Way' Song


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