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Fusion is a God in the Alternate Universe The Choices We Make.



Fusion wears orange and black armor, replicating the color pattern of a tiger. He has a blue cape and wields an Enchanted Sword and Eagle Shield.


Fusion is kind and caring. He dreams of order and peace to rule the multiverse.


Long ago, there were two all-powerful twin brothers: Fusion and Axella. Fusion, the younger twin, dreamt of order and peace. The older twin, Axella, dreamt of chaos and war. When war broke out, Axella sided with the Humans and Fusion sided with the Monsters. When the Humans won and sealed Monsters underground, Axella relished this victory. Axella was certain that no one would destroy the barrier.

Many years later, in the year 2010 A.D., a human fell into the underground. The Dreemurr family took the child in. They eventually died. In the following years, six more humans fell into the Underground. Both brothers had mixed feelings. On one hand, the monsters would be free from the Underground, on the other hand, there would be another war.

Later, in the year 2016 A.D., a human child came. They had a special power that the previous humans did not. The way the Player meets Fusion is dependent on what they did in the Underground.

True Pacifist

If Frisk chooses to stay with Toriel, he will have a dream in his bed. He will meet Fusion, the good twin. Fusion will explain that he and his evil twin brother Axella have been watching Frisk's adventure throughout the Underground.

Fusion will congratulate Frisk on not succumbing to evil and staying on the path of virtue, no matter how far he was pushed. Fusion will say that he knew Frisk would choose Pacifism. He will then say that Frisk is worthy of being the Cosmic Protector: an embodiment of good and all that is virtuous. Fusion will explain that Frisk now has unlimited power and cannot die. He asks, "So, new Cosmic Protector. What will you do next? Revive a young prince? Bring back a scientist from some hell-void? The power is yours. I know you will use it wisely."


If the Player reloads the game after Chara was promoted to the Cosmic Destroyer, you will fight Fusion. Fusion realizes that you are too far gone for any reasoning and resorts to the only thing Chara will understand: violence. His fight will be exceedingly difficult. He not only blocks your every attack with his shield, but he deals Karmic Retribution. If you kill him, Axella will congratulate you on your victory. He will soon realize that you wish to attack him as well after attempting to reason with you, he will then fight you. Axella's fight will be the hardest fight in the entire game.

Powers and Abilities

Fusion is an all-powerful being, meaning he has unlimited power.


Only an all-powerful being can kill Fusion.

In Battle


  • Fusion's attacks are much like Sans's only more difficult and use swords instead of bones.
  • Fusion has Gaster Blasters. He can summon white, orange and blue ones. He can also summon a large red-eyed Gaster Blaster that insta-kills you.


True Pacifist

  • Hello there.
  • My name is FUSION.
  • Welcome to the DREAM REALM.
  • Me and my evil twin brother AXELLA have been watching your journey through the Underground.
  • Of course, since we disagree on everything, we took sides on which path you'd choose.
  • And I must say I am VERY happy you chose Pacifism.
  • I knew you wouldn't succumb to evil and stay on the path of virtue.
  • My brother thought you'd be the one to destroy Monsterkind.
  • Trust me, he does not like to be proven wrong.
  • Anyways, I came here in your dream to tell you something.
  • You, Frisk...
  • You who has saved all monsters, stayed on the path of good, no matter how far you were pushed, are worthy.
  • You are worthy of becoming an embodiment of all that is good and virtuous.
  • You are worthy...
  • Of becoming a Cosmic Protector.
  • You're probably wondering some things.
  • Like, "Why me?" "What does this involve?" "Will I keep these powers even after I wake up?"
  • I have the answer to each of those questions.
  • I already answered the first question. Saying you're worthy.
  • A Cosmic Protector will have unlimited power and you can't die.
  • You can do literally ANYTHING.
  • And yes, you will keep your powers after you wake up.
  • Now... do you accept?

("Yes" is the only option.)

  • That's good.
  • There. Now you have the powers of a Cosmic Protector.
  • So, new Cosmic Protector. What will you do next?
  • Revive a young prince? Bring back a scientist from some hell-void?
  • The power is yours. I know you will use it wisely.
  • It is time to wake up.

Frisk then wakes up to find he has angel wings and feels more powerful.

Genocide (intro)

  • So. Here you are.
  • Me and my brother AXELLA took sides on how you would do your journey.
  • What I saw HORRIFIED me.
  • From the first few kills, I hoped and told myself that it was just self-defense. But after you killed PAPYRUS, I knew that "MERCY" wasn't in your vocabulary.
  • I made monsters harder for you, more powerful in hopes that you would give up.
  • But you aren't like that at all.
  • You're the kinda person who NEVER quits, NEVER shows mercy and CAN'T be reasoned with.
  • I gave you challenges designed to make you quit, you just saw obstacles that were in your way and needed to be dealt with in the only way you knew how: VIOLENCE!
  • So. Chara. If violence is the only thing you understand...
  • If violence is all you care about...
  • Y o u a r e i n f o r t h e W O R S T T I M E O F Y O U R L I F E ! ! !

Genocide (battle)

  • All your power... All your gifts... (Turn 1)
  • And you squander them! (Turn 1)
  • You squander them for KILLING EVERYONE you come across!! (Turn 2)
  • And what for? (Turn 3)
  • Was it for fame? Becoming the person who exterminated an entire civilization? (Turn 4)
  • Was it for admiration? Had you refrained from killing you would've received it in a better fashion. (Turn 5)
  • Was it because you love the challenge? (Turn 6)
  • Or was it simply because you COULD?! Just because you HAD the power, you felt that you must use it in the most H E A R T L E S S of ways! (Turn 7)
  • You could've been a HERO! (Turn 8)
  • You WERE a hero in another timeline weren't you? (Turn 9))
  • Yes. You were! You were a Cosmic Protector! I can feel it! (Turn 10)
  • Your actions in another life had granted you powers of the Cosmic Protector, haven't they? (Turn 11)
  • There MUST be some good in you somewhere! If we just stop fighting, if you just SPARE me, we can make things right! (Turn 12)
    • There's CLEARLY good in you! If we stop fighting and spare each other, we can make things right! (Turn 12, if spared at least once before.)
  • You're SPARING me? I knew you had good in you! Come to me. And let's make things right. (Spare)

Fusion then slices your SOUL in half. (More to be added.)


  • Fusion has extensive knight training.

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