Fuhuhuhuhu is the main protagonist of Usertale (corgimaster).


She has brown hair in a style that resembles a side-woop. She wears a pastel green tank top and a black skirt. Her glasses are plastic frame glasses that are the colors hot pink and black. She wears bright pink flip flops. Sometimes she will wear a hat, but not usually.


She is like Bete Noire from Glitchtale during a Pacifist Run. Actually, she's like that any run. She often dislikes saving all monsters, and kills each one of them. In game, she would be a bit slower than Frisk in-battle, but faster otherwise. She dislikes doing a pacifist run because it restrains her from killing.


  • The real person is a lot like the self insert.
  • If Once Upon A Time was her theme, it would sound a lot more echoey and distant, more like the track "But Nobody Came".
  • She no longer has a "side-woop". It now looks more like Chara's hairstyle, but she likes the old one better.
  • No, she is not a Sans. No, she is not a Sans.

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