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This AU has no further presence online than this page.

FugitiveTale is an AU kinda like the Wild West,but different. The AU was made by 9StrangeSaness6 and OperationSliceNDice.


Frisk is the protagonist, a 20 year old female adult who works with Sans and Asgore, attempting to capture three fugitive's, Papyrus, Asriel, and Monster Kid. Her appearence will be on her page. 

Sans is the sheriff of the underground, and is the only one who, according to himself, is "the only one who can do things around here" Sans thinks that a lot of the monsters in the underground need to inform him of when they see Papyrus, Asriel, or Monster Kid instead of hating on them or hiding.

Papyrus is a fugitive, the most hated in the underground. He doesn't steal things because he's mean, its because he's poor, and was rejected by Gaster at the age of 2. He is seen wearing ragged clothes and a bandana, he has a small guitar he stole from someone. He has a strong, brown and white horse named Becky.

Asriel is a small goat child who is friends with Papyrus and Monster Kid. He wears clothes similar to Papyrus, but has his own hat, unlike Papyrus. He doesn't have a full grown horse, only a small colt named Jonathan. He is usually seen with Monster Kid, which he shares his battle with. In genocide, if you kill Monster Kid first, Asriel, now sad, starts the "real battle", his attacks are really fast and slightly stronger.

Monster Kid is a small reptilian monster child, as his name says, Monster Kid, unlike normal Undertale, is male instead of genderless. He wears a ragged orange and brown sweater. He likes pretending to speak in a southern accent. He is usually seen with Asriel. In genocide, if Asriel is killed first in battle, Monster Kid is enraged, his attacks become much faster and the battle is more intense.

All the Temmies represent the band Pink Floyd in general, as the music for Temmie Village is "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd, each Temmie has a pink sweater and long curly hair. However, all the Temmies, excluding Floyd(the Bob of the AU), are female. The Tem Shop theme is "Money" of course, also by Pink Floyd.