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This AU has no further presence online than this page.

Frosttale is an AU where the underground is very cold and filled with ice. The characters have changed a lot. Story is still a work in progress. Link to story coming soon. This page is also a work in progress.


The characters in Frosttale have changed drastically. Instead of Boss Monsters, there are now Sorry Monsters. 

Diarmuid (Toriel)

Diarmuid [De-ar-moo-id] is the caretaker of the Watermills, known as the Ruins in Undertale. Diarmuid is a female Sorry Monster, with gray fur and a reptilian-like tail. She wears a blue robe with the symbol of the Gamma Mage. 

Cei (Flowey)

Cei [Ky] is a yellow aster. He is not evil nor nice, he only helps you because he feels sorry for you. He was once Finneces, the son of Diarmuid and Bendigeidfran.

The rest is W.I.P. 

Note: Sorry Monsters are designed to look like So Sorry.

Note 2: Once I write the story, I'll give the characters their own pages.

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