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FrostTale is an AU (Alternative Universe) of a role-playing game made by Toby Fox. The game is called Undertale. This game is about Monsters and Humans. FrostTale is an special Alternative Universe due to Sans getting granted special powers. In this AU (Alternative Universe) only Sans and Frisk survives. Where Sans decide to help other AUs.


Long time ago... Legends say that there were 4 GODS that equalized the world. The GODS had the power of the four seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. These four have created their own clones because they ran out of lifespan. They gave all of their powers to their clones and have lived a good life with them, making the four GODS available to live because they got rid of their powers.

The GOD of Fall had the power to control / change his SPEED at any time he wants.

The GOD of Spring had the power to control any kind of WIND. (Bia)

The GOD of Summer had the power to control any kind of FIRE. (Flame)

The GOD of Winter had the power to control any kind of ICE. (Frost)

Character & GODS

Winter: Frost (FrostTale Sans)

Summer: Flame (PyroTale Sans)

Spring: Bia (BlasterTale Chara)

About the AU

FrostTale is an AU where Sans becomes unique and gets granted the power to control Ice and Snow. Sans usually hangs out in Snowdin more often than usual. Also, due to his power, he can't resist some heat. Sans once was normal, but after getting attacked by Frisk, he became deceased. He got in his grave, near Grillby's. He was dead for about 2,500 years, but then he somehow came back alive. Along with a dead city, when he woke up, he realized that he got granted some powers. He went to Grillby's, Snowdin Library and his home. Everything was broken, everything had vines, and it had cracks and all the bad effects that time leaves behind. He went to his secret lab and saw something weird. It was a necklace. At first Sans didn't know why it was there, but he found out that he was able to go through random timelines. He decided to help other timelines to make their timelines a better place than this Sans had. This Sans decided to call himself Frost. (Bonus Information: Frisk is actually live! Fused with Chara, she is a errored character, she calls her self Isa (Eye(I)-Sa)



Name: Frost

Special Abilities: Ice / Snow

Cloths: White Hoodie, White Pants, Black Rocket Slippers and a Yellow & White Necklace.

Accessories: Necklace of Timelines, Frozen Cape

Soul Type: ??? (Frozen Soul) (Light Blue Color)

Weapon: Scythe

Status: Alive

Rank: Special

Frisk / Chara

Special Abilities: Teleport (Due to the errors)

Cloths: White and Blue Striped Shirt, Black Jeans, Light Blue Shoes.

Accessories: Glove of Holographic

Soul Type: Determination (50%) ??? (50%) (Can anyone decide or vote for me which kind of soul ??? should be? Ill give the credits who help me)

Weapon: Real Knife

Status: Alive / ??? (Error)

Rest of the Character

Status: Deceased / Alive

Rank: ???

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