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Filling the role of Froggits, Fandom Users are the faceless, nameless masses of the Wiki. It is impossible to be 100% sure on anything about them.


They have grey skin, no hair and lack a face. Their limbs taper to a point and they have no hands or feet. Their bodies have mulitple layers of equal opacity each of which is a different body type varying from tall and thin to short and fat or muscular. Every combination and variation is given it's own form. The IP address of the User is printed across their chests.

Sometimes a named User will appear as a Fandom User.


While unsettling, the Fandom Users aren't particuarly dangerous. They are very easy to discourage (kill) as they have little reason to stay.

  • Due to not having a face, they can't see or hear anything and instead feel for the movement in the air.
  • They 'read' by feeling the indentations on the page.
  • While able to speak recognisable words, they rarely structure these words into a cohesive sentence and even when that is achieved they rarely make sense in context.
  • They can be as cruel as they want as their faceless nature means they won't receive any repercussions for their actions.


Each individual Fandom User has their own sets of likes and dislikes between the different Users. The only set things across all of them is:

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