"always remember nobody have to be perfect just be yourself"


Soul: White/Red (Fused with Asriel's broken soul part)

From: Undertale Timeline AU

Abilities: Dreemurr Transformation,Determination,and can go into other AU worlds to do pacifist routes.

Routes: Neutral,Pacifist

Favorite Hobby: making art,listening songs, and checking on cute birdies

Favorite Theme: Hopes And Dreams , Save The World,Last Goodbye

Friends: Asriel, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Mettaton,Toriel, Asgore, Muffet, Grillby, Burgerpants, Catty, Bratty, Nice Cream Guy, Temmie, Bob, Chara, Gaster, Napstablook, Monster Kid, Bunny Lady, and other underground monsters "Chara was the only human friend she had"

ALSO HAS UNDERTALE MOD GAME! just check out GAMERBLOoReN on deviantART to see updates or pictures about this AU Frisk


Near the end of Friska's thirtieth Pacifist run, she and Asriel decided to fuse their souls, using their combined powers and the other six souls to shatter the barrier. Asriel's white soul fused with Friska's red one, and Asriel came back to life. A short time after the fusion (and after reuniting Asriel with his parents), Friska thought to free both Gaster and Chara from their fates. It took all of her energy, but eventually she was able to reverse what had been done and the two were safe. Once this had happened, Chara took it upon themselves to apologize to Asriel for what they'd done; luckily, Asriel accepted the apology and forgave them.

Seeing everything returning to a happy state made Friska wish to stay in the Underground, which the monsters readily accepted. The next day she moved in with the Dreemurrs, getting settled in and playing with Asriel. After a short while, Toriel approached Friska with a ring. This ring, as explained hours later, was a gift from Asriel and it would allow her to possess powers similar to theirs (despite now being able to wield said powers, she was still weaker than Asriel). Her soul, which is half red and half white, will appear but is only visible to Asriel and Chara.



Friska Concept BY- GAMERBLOoReN

Old Concept of Friska

Most of Friska's sweater is blue, with the left sleeve being green, the top stripe being a bright pink and the bottom stripe being yellow. Her socks correspond with these colors; the left sock being green and yellow and the right sock being blue and pink. She wears a purplish-pink skirt, with pink leg warmers over her socks, and brown shoes. In her hair there is a red bow accompanied by a golden flower, presumably like the buttercups the Dreemurrs tend to. She also wears a glove on her right hand, that is the same blue as the majority of her sweater.

Transformation Form


The Dreemurr Transformation Form

In Transformation Form, Friska wears a purple dress that goes down to her feet in the back but is very short in the front kind of like a cape. It has long sleeves and gold lining and the delta rune is on her chest. There is a open part no her chest underneath a very high neck. There is a bun on her head with a purple and yellow, but most of her hair is down, and it goes to her knees. She is wielding a Chaos Saber and is wearing tall white socks and purple/black shoes. that form is similar to "God of Hyperdeath" form of Asriel Dreemurr.

In Battle

During battle, Friska's FIGHT option is now COUNTER. She may also turn the ACT option into a SAVE option.

Battle Selections



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