Cami is the protagonist of WSIOT's UserTale.



Merciful (True Pacifist)

She is kindhearted, gentle, caring and compassionate to any and every monster. She does as told, showing obedience. After the Asriel Dreemurr fight, she is shown to be a very caring person, comforting them at their moments of weakness.

Merciless (Genocide)

She is coldhearted, violent, disobedient and merciless to anyone she encounters. She often ignores what people tell her, and has her mind set on one thing: Monster Destruction. In the end, even Flowey fears her, showing a sign of malevolence and evil.


She has copper hair, dark brown eyes and fair skin. Her hair is shoulder length, and she is constantly looking either uninterested or angry, though she is neither, due to her having Resting Bitch Face. As the Genocide Route progresses, her appearance gradually changes to that of WSIOT.

She usually wears a black sweater with light pink stripes, jeans and pink boots.


  • In the beginning of the Genocide Route to Waterfall, Cami's reflection is that of WSIOT. It isn't until passing Mettaton that the physical change in appearance begins. By the time one reaches Asgore's house, WSIOT is entirely themselves and Cami is the reflection.
  • Cami is left-handed.


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