SomeRandomWriter is the playable character and main protagonist of UserTale. After SomeRandomWriter  falls into the Underground, they embark on a journey to return to the surface. SomeRandomWriter  is the last of the eight humans to fall into the Underground after travelling to Mt. Ebott. SomeRandomWriter  is not the "fallen human" named at the beginning of the game. SomeRandomWriter's  name is only revealed in the True Pacifist Route as Gale.



Gale is a relatively short human. They wear a black shirt, dark blue pants, and grey sneakers. They have brown hair and brown eyes. Though they do not show much expression in their overworld sprite, NPCs will comment on their expression. As multiple NPCs seem to perceive Gale's expression as upset, and then apologize for it, it can be understood that they have an upset-looking resting face.


Gale's personality is ambiguous, allowing the player to project a personality onto them. The only things able to be gathered from the way NPCs speak to Gale are that Gale has some sense of humor, is flirtatious, and is occasionally perceived as "weird" or "off", although it doesn't bother them.

Some NPCs emphasize Gale's kindness, understanding, and grace in the epilogue. Gale will occasionally go their own way when others tell them what to do, such as standing in front of the pillar Toriel hides behind and watching her until she finally gives up and comes out.

Gale seems to be aware of their possession and actively fights the player during the genocide run. Their soul moves 25% slower and they occasionally have to be told twice to attack. During the Sans fight, when he falls asleep, Gale's soul will fight against you, attempting to move away from the FIGHT button. Gale will occasionally try to trick the player, automatically moving their heart to the ACT button every fight. When the kill counter is exhausted, Gale will be immobile for 10 seconds before being able to move again. After killing every boss, Gale will stop what they are doing for 20 seconds.


Gale's determination grants the power to SAVE and heal at SAVE points. The SAVE file can be reloaded to repeat events that occur after it, but NPCs' memories are not completely erased unless a True Reset occurs. This power emerged when Gale first awoke in the Ruins.

Genocide Fight

At the end of the genocide play through, after killing Flowey, Gale will turn to the screen, directly facing the player, and a fight will be initiated. At this point, you will have to fight Gale themself. Your soul will be black with a red border in the actions area, showing that you are no longer controlling Gale and are your own entity.

Gale uses attacks from the Photoshop Flowey human soul sections, insinuating that they are being backed by the human souls. Sometimes the attacks are used in unison. They will be silent the entire time and have 50 turns, the longest battle in the game. The only ACT possible is Check, and the SPARE button will not do anything. Every hit you land on Gale will be visible on their person and turn red.


  • A "Gale" is a strong burst of wind or a loud sound, particularly a laugh. It is also an outburst of emotion, particulary amusement.
  • Naming the fallen human "Gale" initiates Hard Mode.
  • Gale and Flowey are the only two known to be able to SAVE, LOAD, and reset their SAVE FILE.
  • Gale appears to be right-handed. Evidence includes:
    • Holding the umbrella and glass of water using their right hand.
    • Offering their right hand to Toriel when she guides them through the Ruins.
    • The slicing attack animation curving to the left, implying that force was carried from the right to the left during the attack.
      • Most fatality battle sprites display steep slashes from top right to bottom left, a pattern not commonly made by someone who is left-handed.
  • Out of all the humans that fell to the Underground, Gale is the only human to survive the adventure.
  • When hugging Asriel, a spot of skin slightly darker than the rest can be seen on the human's lower arm.

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