"Greetings. I am Frisk."
– Frisk's introduction at the end of the Genocide Route

Frisk was the first human that fell into the underground. Monster Kid greeted Frisk and brought them to Queen Toriel and King Asgore, they became family. In the Genocide run of the game, they can be "controlling" Chara. Frisk only talks in red letters. An example of this is...

~Greetings. I am Frisk.~

~Insert red text here~

~Insert red text here~

~Insert red text here~

At the end of a Genocide run, Frisk will greet the player and say their name (The player's name) and tell them that they have reached the limit and there's nothing left for them. Then, they will give you a choice to erase the world or to not. If you do erase the world, Frisk will tell them (insert what Frisk will say if you erase) and then they will kill you with 9's in the background, stating that it did massive damage, then Frisk closes the game. If you don't erase, Frisk will say (insert what Frisk will say if you don't erase) then Frisk will do the same thing except they'll jumpscare you with a "melty" looking face and red flashing in the background, then Frisk kills you doing the same thing if you erase.

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