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(Dot, dot, dot.)
– To much

Temmie (also known as Frisk) is the main character in Underminor.

They speak in improper grammar most of the time (as seen by the Infobox's Quote).

They are the 8th Fallen Temmie.


Frisk is... odd.

They talk like Temmies, but, are silent a majority of the time.

They HATE puzzles and in Hotsnow they were internally screaming.



"Da sign says 'the layout of dis room iz da layout of da next puzzle! gud luck!' does that mak sense, tEMMIE?"
– Chara reading a sign

Their determination (also known as Detemmienation by Temmies) woke Tem, AKA Chara.

They like them.


their glyde's pal.

they kinda dislike him, though.

So Sorry

Their good friends... but, dislike the puzzles.


She took care of them when they were in The Ruins.

They feel bad for leaving.

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