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Frisk is the eight human to fall into Mt.Ebott. They are the main protagonist and the character you control throughout the game.



Frisk appears as a human child, with yellow-ish skin and dark brown hair. They wear a blue long-sleeved shirt with two purple stripes on the upper part of the shirt. They have an expression similar to the -_- emoticon. They seem to wear a headband with cat ears on them, and a blue tail, matching the color of their shirt.


Frisk's personality seems to depend on the Route you are taking. In the Pacifist and True Pacifist run, they are usually depicted as a nice, sweet, and caring person, while in as Genocide, the exact opposite.

One thing for sure, is that they seem to be obsessed with cats, showing from the clothes they wear to how they interact with some of the monsters.

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