Reload!Frisk is from the UT!Reload AU, created by Deviantart user Keary


Frisk in Reload is about 18-19 years old, as Reload takes place about 10 years after the ending of the original Undertale. They can now speak, but they don't really talk that much even then.


As with most other Frisks, they are kind, would never hurt anything or anyone, and are just generally the kindest person you could think of.


  • Because Reload takes place 10 years later, Frisk is older, at about 19. They usually wear a hoodies of some sort or another, and one of Papyrus's scarves.
  • However, when Frisk traveled to the timeline that takes place 10 years prior, Frisk changed back to being about 8 or 9, and wears one of Sans' hoodies, and Papyrus's red scarf.


They can use magic, albeit not very much. This power mainly comes from the charm that Sans and Papyrus gave them tha

Reload!Frisk Astral body

t has a bit of their souls in it. So, Frisk is able to use the charm to use magic. Also, due to the training they had to go through to learn how to use magic, they have a greatly raised maximum Hp. With their magic, they can summon bones, 2 of Undyne's spears, use some of Toriel's fire (although they don't use it to fight), and are able to create an "Astral Body" that takes away some of their maximum Hp, but greatly increases magic damage, and reduces physical damage to zero. They also have amazing control over their soul, having duplicated it, and giving part of it to Flowey so Asriel could come back.

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