"Who... Who are you?"
– Frisk meeting Trench first time.

Frisk the main protagonist of Patroltale. They are the eighth and final human to fall into the underground. Later was revealed she was daughter of king who ruled land around Mt. Ebott.


Patroltale Frisk is taller than original Frisk, being already 18 years old. However, her hairstyle and clothing is still similar to that of his child version, as she has brown, medium-lenght hair. She wears blue sweater with pink cloth scarf.


Patroltale Frisk is merciful and would rather not fight. She is also bit timid, and get's startled easily as seen with first encounter with Sans.

While usually merciful, she does want to defend her friends from the Shadows.


Coming later! Would not want to spoil the story, now would I?

Abilities and Powers

  • REWIND : Unlike Frisk of the main timeline, Patrol!Frisk possesses ability called "REWIND", which she can use to rewind time backwards. However, unlike RESET, while REWIND does not cause new time-line to appear, using it shortens Frisk's life-span. For every minute she rewind, her life-span shortens by a day. Should she rewind a hour, she would lose two months. For a day, she loses 1440 Days - nearly four years.
  • DETERMINATION : Frisk seems to be able to materialize her souls power as a shroud of red energy around herself to serve as an armor, shielding her from attacks. This tends to leave her tired afterwards, though.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat : Trench taught Frisk some martial arts, in order to help her defend herself. He also taught her how to use staff as a weapon properly.


  • Extending Staff : Weapon Trench requested from Alphys for Frisk.


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