Midnight is the main protagonist of the Self-Insert AU, Medievaltale, who climbed Mt. Ebott to escape her abusive owners (originally was a slave) and landed on a bed of roses (somehow not getting pricked by the thorns). Even though they are the protagonist, they may or may not be the heroic one.


Midnight is a human child with a tan skin tone, dark brown eyes, and matching hair. They are wearing a dirty grey smock (under is a cotton moth-eaten cloak), brown pants, and black boots.

After 'Mettaton' gets to them, they dress them up in a royal outfit, which is pink and a very, very dark grey color, including a pink crown.


Depending on their actions, people can interpret Midnight as merciful or merciless. Some NPCs emphasize Midnight's kindness, understanding, and grace in the epilogue.[4] Midnight is obedient and only will not allow others input when they follow someone else's instructions, such as when Cameronthedarksoul tells them to hide behind the conveniently-shaped lamp in the castle.

During a Genocide Route, Midnight will kill all the monsters in the Underground-ith.

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