* kid, listen. there are spoilers on this page; be careful when you're reading.

* you don't want a bad time, do ya?


Frisk is the second protagonist of the AU

LogTale created by StrikeYoko on

deviantART. They appear in the epilogue

of LogTale CS for the first time.


  • LogTale CT: Frisk is wearing a blue sweater with two purple stripes; blue, short jeans, black leggins and brown boots. Their hair is darkish brown and a bit longer than Charas, their eyes show a bright reddish brown. They are wearing a bandage on their right wrist.
  • LogTale CL: Changes of appearances aren't confirmed yet, but they will definetly look different.


LogTale CT:

  • Chara - Frisk is neither able to see nor to hear her in the beginning, but it seems that Charas feelings are able to reach them in certain situations.
  • Flowey - They aren't sure what to think about Flowey but Frisk will be a bit more careful in the future because of him. Frisk is for Flowey just a potential source of power.
  • Toriel - Frisk likes her, even if they think that she's a bit too overprotective.
  • Nabstablook - They feel compassion towards the depressive ghost and would like to do something to make him feel better.
  • Sans
  • Papyrus
  • Undyne
  • Monster Kid
  • Alphys
  • Mettaton
  • Asgore
  • Asriel


Characteristic for Frisk is the omnipresent poker face. They do change their expression, but only slightly.

  • adaptable
  • determined
  • they like animals
  • tenacious
  • violence is the last option (only if nothing else helps), so they do fight but mostly to defend theirselves
  • they are acting more adult than they really are


  • Determination perks: Time manipulation, weapon summoning
  • good sense of direction


  • Theme colour: blue
  • Theme instrument: Pan flute
  • related Undertale tracks: Uwa!! So temperate; Determination; Uwa!! So holiday; Run!; Uwa!! So heats; Finale
  • left handed

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