Frisk is the main protagonist of LittleNightmareTale, who gets thrown into the depths of the Underground.



Frisk wears a blue coat, with a bandage on her right cheek. She has brown hair. Her left eye is a glowing white color with her right eye a glowing red color.


A bit shy. Frisk cares a lot about her friends.

She is known to be drawn to satisfying her curiosity which can lead to a lot of bad things that happen.

She has no problem making friends with others.

At the start of LittleNightmareTale she doesn't like to hurt others. She is afraid to show others her right eye.

Powers and Abilities

When Frisk opens her right eye it allows her to use the powers of SAVE and RESET. However it also inflicts her with feelings of hunger.

in the Genocide route of LittleNightmareTale, it allows her to drain the life force of any living creature that surrounds her. It also allows her to manipulate and control the shadows.

She can gain LOVE by eating Monsters.

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