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Knight Frisk was an orphan living in the Monster City of Home- which is on the Surface, as in the KnightTale AU the monsters managed to hold their ground at Mt Ebbot and founded their kingdom there. They are one of a very small minority however, that minority being humans in the city.


Knight Frisk is a shorter human, age 15, of indiscernible gender. They have shoulder length messy brown hair, and hazel eyes. They wear whatever they can find, though their longest surviving top is a blue long sleeved shirt with a purple stripe. Over the course of the Genocide Arc they were forced to steal various bits of armor from various monsters and guards they fought, leading to their equipment being very inconsistent between sightings. The one piece that is always the same however is the chest plate.

Their chest plate is made of a dark metal, possible steel, with a glowing ruby shaped like a heart in the center, bound by golden chains to the armor. This ruby is a physical manifestation of Frisk's soul, and the more injured one or the other is, the more both show it, with cuts appearing on the human, and cracks appearing on the gem.

They also wielded two long, curved blades when they were under Chara's control, though they discarded them before entering the Omega Timeline.

Their time in the last timeline, the Genocide Arc, left them scared physically, with several claw marks on their abdomen, back, and countless cuts on their arms, especially around their left wrist where Chara threatened to and did make them cut themselves several times.


Knight Frisk is very reserved, preferring to keep to themselves and to avoid people or monsters. To those who do manage to become close to them, they show a different side, telling puns as bad as any Sans could pull, and jokingly flirting with literally anyone or anything. Their time under Chara's control has left its scars though, not just physically.

Before the Genocide Timeline, it is known that Frisk went on several mostly harmless Neutral runs, and several Pacifist runs. They were so cheerful and energetic in those timelines, flirting and joking with everyone, managing to win over even the most grumpy of monsters. Their time in these Timelines made the Genocide all the more painful, much to Chara's delight. Because of this, they suffer bouts of depression, and are very Asocial.

Abilities and Powers

Frisk's only real power now is Determination. They have lost the ability to reset with Chara's defeat. They are however decently skilled with swords, much to their own disgust, though Knight Sans has attempted to further their learning as a pass time in the Omega Timeline- much to the horror of many other Genocide Survivors.

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