The Gemtale universe does not feature Frisk as the human, however, a young girl named Aleana.


Aleana wears a blue dress with an indigo belt. She wears a blue bow in her hair. Her hair goes a little bit past her shoulders and she wears indigo slippers. Sometimes, she alternates between wearing a blue bow and a blue flower in her hair. She has electric blue eyes, which change color with her mood.

Blue: Content, calm..

Pink: Excited.

Yellow: Frightened, afraid.

Orange: Frustrated, irritated, annoyed

Red: Angered, resentful

Light Blue: Happy, however, when dark, means the exact opposite


Aleana is mostly a shy person, but beware, if provoked, she can very quickly become dangerous. She enjoys being physically active and playing archery. She often experiences moodswings but easily recovers from them if left alone. She becomes irritated if people steal from or lie to her. She finds it very difficult to make friends and when she does get herself into a conversation, she struggles with carrying it on. Very intelligent, she can get herself into and out of complicated situations. She tries to stay away from others but when approached, she is kind but tries to push them away. She hates people that aim to harm others and will do everything in her power to protect her universe. Her indigo soul stands for loyalty.


Aleana possesses an indigo soul that stands for loyalty. Hence, she strives to be loyal to her friends and everyone that she loves and never break her promises unless she feels she has to. She has the ability to RESET and SAVE, but only uses this ability when circumstances call for it.

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