Gap!Frisk is a Frisk, who through some unknown means, is no longer Human. Gap!Frisk is similar in someways to Core!Frisk, Ink!Sans, and Error!Sans.



Gap!Frisk wears Gaster's jacket buttoned up, they normally have carry an Umbrella. Their eyes are violet color with the pupils being slits.


Gap!Frisk has a whimsical Personality, They hate boredom above all else and will do anything to get rid of it. This normal means traveling to timelines and AUs to mess around and have fun. They love to prank all versions of Sans, Chara, and Frisk.

They have mastered the art of manipulation, allowing them to manipulate events in their favor.

They are the true definition of what it means to be Chaotic Neutral doing things for their own amusement.

Powers and Abilities

Gap!Frisk has the ability to manipulate the Boundary of things. A boundary is basically a border between two things, land by land, day and night, life and death, reality and non-reality, etc. Everything conceptual and physical has a boundary. Gap!Frisk can manipulate these boundaries for their own use.

Gap!Frisk also has the ability to travel around by going through gap. A gap is basically Gap!Frisk using their ability to manipulate boundaries and creating a portal from one place to another. They can travel through these gaps to get to anyplace in existence. It also allows them to enter a persons dreams if they so wish. Gap!Frisk can also sit on the gap if they wish.

The appearance of gaps is a gash in space that is filed with the colors red and black. A gap can sometimes show the location that Gap!Frisk has another gap open in, but only if they want. The inside of a gap normally has multiple red colored eyes.

Gap!Frisk can also create gaps for themselves to pass through or for others to pass through.

They can see through the eyes of the gap, meaning that they always know what is happening in any giving universe, since there is bound to be a gap around.

It is believed that the gaps actually lead to an infinite dimension, or perhaps the boundary between Reality and Non-reality.


  • It is unknown what Gap!Frisk's true age is. Anytime somebody has guess the number or come close to the number, or if the number is what can be considered old, like the number [Gapped], then a gap will open up on the number. Gap!Frisk's real age is [Gapped]
  • A lot of information is not known about Gap!Frisk because a lot of the information has been gapped for a lack of a better word.
  • Because Gap!Frisk hates when AUs get destroyed it can be assumed that they are enemies of Error!Sans.
  • It can be assumed that Core!Frisk and Gap!Frisk know each other, or at least have heard of each other.
  • Gap!Frisk is based off the Touhou Project character, Yukari Yakumo.

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