Everyone has some good in them. Some people just need help getting it out in the open!
— Frisk

Frisk in a main character in the AU Forevertale, created by Cinder. They are the eighth human to fall and were adopted by the Dreemur family. They are female and they are 7 in this AU. Frisk has the power to reset, but she isn't aware of it because she has been kept safe from any dangerous situations since she has fallen into the underground. She is good friends with Ian, Chito, and Monster Kid.


Frisk has dark brown hair dark brown eyes. She wears a blue shirt with two magenta stripes on the shirt and sleeves. Her hair goes down to just above her shoulder. Frisk wears long brown pants and plain black shoes. Her fashion choice is very similar to Chara's.


Frisk is very hopeful and naïve, believing that there is good in everyone. Frisk is trusting to an extreme point because of this, always thinking that others will do what they say they will and never understanding if they don't. Even though she is naïve in this way, she is very empathetic and perceptive to other's moods. When someone is sad she will do what she thinks will cheer them up the best she can. Sometimes she will get angry on behalf of her friends, but the anger is short lived and is only ever put in place to try to cheer up her friends. Frisk is very forgiving on someone who has done something to her, and will solve conflicts whenever she is able to, sometimes annoying those she is trying to be peaceable with.

Her determination to make friends with everyone makes her persistent in trying to get Chara to like her, even through Chara's prejudices about humans make her hate Frisk automatically. Frisk will let others have their way if she doesn't have any strong feelings about what is going on, but if she does, she will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Frisk will often try too hard and be very stubborn about what she wants, but she will agree reluctantly to compromises after she try's to get her way for a while if she can see she isn't going to.

Frisk cares about everyone in the world, but she cares the most about her friends and family, and will do more for them then for a stranger, even though she will help random strangers. She loves hugs and will give them to pretty much anyone she thinks needs one.


Frisk grew up with negligent parents, and she spent most of her time with her dog, Bit. After he accidentally broke a vase, Frisk's parent's threw him out. Frisk wasn't at home when this happened, and when she returned she was devastated.

Frisk ran away to look for her him, but she couldn't find him and she ended up a long ways up Mt. Ebbot trying to find him. She got lost on Mt. Ebbot and didn't know how to get back. As she tried to go down the mountain, she wasn't looking where she was going and fell down into the underground.



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