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"Frisk, your Determination... its more powerful than anyone's."

"... my Determination... its that strong?"
– Flowey and Frisk about Frisk's Determination

Frisk is one of the main characters in Determination.

Frisk is 8, Savior of Monsters (technically), and, a human.

Resetting Ability

Frisk can no longer Reset, and, they don't know why.

They find out it's Chara, and, give their Locket back to Chara.


Frisk doesn't like Resets.

Chara convinced them monsters didn't deserve to be free, after their first run.

They found out soon Chara was controlling them.

They, after The Ruins' final kill, liked Chara killing.

They erased.

Next Genocide, they found out killing's bad and didn't erase.

They then True Reset, somehow.

Only Flowey/Asriel and Sans remembered.


Chara Dreemurr

After forgetting the Genocides, Chara guided them again to make sure they remembered.

They were plotting to make Frisk kill.


It failed.

Asriel Dreemurr

Frisk reset to Save Asriel, and, after 3 Years on The Surface, they did!

He helped Frisk win the fight against Chara.


In the Underground, they were enemies.

Now, Flowey can feel, because, he's a ghost.


  • Frisk's technically a boy, but, goes by they/them
  • Charisk was canon in the underground, but, it isn't anymore
  • They kinda like Asriel

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