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CORE!Frisk is a monochromatic version of Frisk that was pushed into the CORE, and was scattered, like Gaster. Due to their strong soul and "time-travel" powers, however, Frisk, instead of being wiped from existence altogether, becomes an omnipresent character who is aware of all timelines. Frisk was, however, erased from their original timeline. CORE!Frisk grew up during a civil war, and due to that, they went to the underground.

About the AU

Frisk keeps resetting the happy endings in order to re-experience them, unaware that Sans is recalling the resets. Eventually, he snaps, throwing Frisk into the core to prevent another reset, which causes Frisk to be thrown across all timelines as they become an omnipresent being. Frisk is now able to traverse any timeline, any universe, any AU in existence whenever they please. Frisk is not God-like, however, their infinite knowledge stems from their ability to see and experience everything around them, giving the impression of being deity-like despite this not being the case. Frisk has a timeline where they invite people who are the sole survivors of a Genocide Run to a timeline called the “Omega Timeline”. An extensive background and history has been detailed on Ivka’s blog. Error!Sans hunts Core!Frisk down to try and eliminate them. (Note: Frisk is genderless.)


  • Despite being able to lift small objects, Core!Frisk isn’t able to move objects or people across timelines.
  • They can store small things in their eye sockets.


  • Doku has stated that they would probably be in every house in Hogwarts.



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