Frisk is the main character and protagonist in the Undertale AU Brokentale and will be the playable character once the game is Finished.


Frisk Has a short gender neutral dark brownish red hair cut.They have tan yellowish skin.They wear a black shirt with one yellow stripe and one green stripe,along with black pants and brownish red shoes that match their hair.Frisk's eyes seem to always be closed and they never smile or frown.


For the most part Frisk shows no emotion or personality but can be either merciful and kind or genocidal.



After Chara fell There soul broke causing half to disappear.The same thing happened to Frisk but this time the broken half of Chara's soul connected to the broken half of Frisk's soul.


After Flowey tried to kill Frisk,Toriel saved them and took them in as her own.

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