[chararter is based of classic sans]
Tumblr omq158JAkx1uwctlpo2 1280

name: MAXimilian

personality: a wacky zany trigger happy verion of sans with a short term memory but still can remember his best buddies and deep down cares about all of them he also eats a lot and just like any sans likes being lazy but even if he dose like it he likes taking police cases even more

info: this sans is a freelance police officer and a wacky one at that the au this sans comes from is unknown but all that known is it’s a crossover between undertale and sam and max freelance police a long time video game series short cartoon series and long time comic series MAXimilian’s partner is tori the dog/toriel the dog

spices: skeleton bunny

chararter and au by kaci miller/toymonnie

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