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His skull is a dark blue, similar to Paperjam. His skull also sort of drifts away from him at times like a liquid. His jacket is purple and his shirt is a light blue, the fluff on his hood is a dark red, his hands are black and his fingers are red. His shorts are black with a red and blue line on the sides. The dark part of his eyes are purple instead of black along with his nose, his teeth are a slime green and his right eye, which is in the shape of a hexagon with a white center for his pupil, is the only way he can see.


Has a hard time making friends, doesn't enjoy being around others and loves the sound of his echoey voice against a fan.


  • Achluophobia - a Fear of Darkness
  • Agateophobia - a Fear of Insanity
  • Ailurophobia - a Fear of Cats
  • Arsonphobia - a Fear of Fire
  • Autophobia - a Fear of Being alone or of Oneself
  • Chionophobia - a Fear of Snow
  • Caligynephobia - a Fear of Beautiful Women
  • Clinophobia - a Fear of Going to Bed
  • Kenophobia - Fear of Voids or empty spaces


Green Suction

With this power Code Red Sans can summon green squares to ram into you coming from portals that come from his world. Also deals 25 points of damage.

Void Transfer

This ability allows him to teleport himself away from where he is currently, from his AU to anywhere in the void. It's limited since he tries not to encounter Error Sans.


After experiencing a reset, a terrible event happened, Error!Sans destroyed his world at the same time of a reset. Because of this Sans was left in a terrible unstable state, always glitching and restarting himself. After the incident he was the transported to a world of his own covered in green squares and random people standing like statues covered in plain green cubes. He ventured forward wandering and searching for any remaining life in his world. He then learned that some of the residents that were still alive were infected with some diseases from an unknown source that had visited here while he was unconscious, but it must have left a long time ago. The locals weren't so happy with a free minded soul wandering around so they tried their best to make him one of them. Code Red then became afraid to go outside so he hid away in the anti-void keeping away from his world while also staying close enough so Error!Sans wouldn't find him.


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