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FracTale is an AU (Alternate Universe) of the role-playing video game Undertale . In this AU, every characters from Undertale can use magic spells. Also the technology from the underground have improved, she is now better than the human's technology. It happens in 203X.

About the AU

No swap of characters or personalities. Asriel has been brought back to life with the help of a new machine made by Alphys. She also solved the problem with the amalgamates, by reversing the melt between monsters. The whole underground is now powered by the CORE. You can find light sources everywhere. The garbage dump have been cleaned and transformed into a mansion for dummies. The interior of the core have been optimized and very secured more lasers and more lasers and more LASERS!!. The gauntlet of Deadly terror is now working, you enter a fight where you must dodge all kind of stuff. Waterfall have been converted into a very huge wheat farm. Monsters learned how to make bread.


-All characters are older than the original Undertale, and are all alive.

-Asriel is alive (yeah!)

-The underground can live by himself, they make their own food, have electricity and water.

-The underground forget humans a long time ago and aren't waiting for one to come.

-Design of locations and scenario will change.

Location changes

Part 1: Ruins-Snowdin

The ruins have been cleaned, the walls are made of iron instead of stone bricks. Also she became an high attendance place like a forum, you can meet a lot of monsters here. At snowdin, every one have a washing machine, a toaster, a fridge, a oven and other stuffs...

Part 2: Waters of Megalovania-Hotlands

Essentially wheat farms, and farming monsters at waterfall. At Hotland, AST resort can be found easily due to the presence of multiple light spots and sounds.

Part 3: Core-New_Home

Highly secured core, with more lasers, passwords, puzzles and many other things... As in Snowdin, the all-days life was modernized.

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