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About the AU

Forgotten tale takes place in a timeline where no human other than Chara has fallen down into the Underground, and monsters have no idea that 7 human souls could break the barrier. When the human you play as comes all the buildings, towns, and civilization are in ruins, and monsters are fighting for survival and food. Asgore is not the king but he started a group of civilized monsters, such as Undyne, Alphys, some background monsters, and the Temmies. There is a group of uncivilized monsters, and in this group is Papyrus, Sans, most of the background monsters, and Toriel. Toriel’s group wanted to fight against Asgore’s group. As for Flowey, monsters don’t trust or like him, so they use Flowey’s home as a garbage dump now. You, the first human in the Underground after Chara must solve all the Undergrounds problems; either pacifistly or through destroying them all. The reason no monster remembers what a human is anymore is because Asgore, and a few other trusted individuals, put a spell on all monsters erasing all memories of humans after Chara’s death.

Muffet works for both sides and Grillby, well he’s not fire but he is a living sand storm. Snowdin never happened. Instead its Sand-din. Waterfall is Lavafall and Hotland is Coldland) 

The game will add three new areas and change the ones you know such as the new area "happy town". It will change the ruins to the "broken ruins" and the Core to the "Ice Core"