He has a dark green jacket, very dark grey pants, aqua shoes and aqua hoodie. And he has lime eyes. blue-lime glowing bad time eye.


He loves drinking golden flower tea.

He loves eating chocolate or sweet things.
He is mostly happy and positive.
He does not want to fight with gods.
He misses his brother sometimes he acts like his brother.

He can't feel pain.


He can copy any magic or combat and keep them forever.

He can make portals to travel through AUs. He can actually go back to his fake universe to rest. He can change everything in his fake universe. Only he can acces his own fake universe. He has a SAVE File. He can SAVE and LOAD his Save file. He can use Gaster Blasters. He has bones that can heal. He has Gaster Blasters that can heal. With Gaster's help he can destroy the entire multiverse. (If Gaster changes his code) He has 1000HP 10Df 100Atk


He can't fight with a papyrus.

He can get emotional so quickly. He needs time to copy a God's power.


He is the first fake universe made by UnknownTale Gaster. So there is more possibilities to happen. He absorbs the human's soul but chara possess him and he kills everything on his fake universe then somehow he glitches out of his fake universe to Unknowntale

Gaster gets surprised and he changes Sans' code. Making him copy anything.

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