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ForestTale is an Undertale AU replaced by OC's of mine.

Beginning Story

Once upon a time, there were 8 races. HUMANS, SCIENTISTS (and SCIENCE EXPEIRIMENTS, ROBOTS, ALIENS, MYSTICS, MUTANTS, ABNORMALS, and CREATURES. One day, a war broke out between CREATURES and the rest of the races. The rest of the races found out that CREATURES could absorb souls from the other 6 races. They grew afraid of them, and began a war when one of them took an innocent little girl's soul. After the war, the ELITES, a group that had the ultimate traits of WILLPOWER, FREEDOM, OPTIMISM, DILIGENCE, HOPE, INGENUITY, and LIBERALITY to seal the CREATURES underground. Only the power of 7 SOULS with the same amount of power that the ELITES had, can break the barrier.


Clementine, a regular human with WILLPOWER, takes the role of Frisk.

Stephanie, once a regular human girl, who harbors a demon inside her, takes the role of Chara.

Clover, a mischievous Luck Dragon, takes the role of Flowey.

Casey, a protect werewolf with power over weather, and former Duke of the Undergrowth, takes the role of Toriel. (Even though he is male.)

Axel, a lonely and sad lumberjack ghost, takes the role of Napstablook.

cole, a slightly depressed, pun making, goofy goober, takes the role of sans.


Jaiden, a huge fan girl, and the #1 fan of Malachi, takes the role of Monster Kid.

Malachi, the ultimate warrior, half dragon, half human, takes the role of Undyne.

Renny (Rennie), a species of little cute rats, take the role of the Temmies.

Xander, an awkward scientist who loves all things related to animals, takes the role of Alphys.

Ale'Xander, a robot built for war and combat, takes the role of Mettaton.

Nia, a werewolf who has the power of all things heat related, and owns a hotel, takes the role of Muffet.

Niflhiem, a huge ice dragon, also known as King of the Undergrowth, takes the role of Asgore.

Jacob, the former Royal Scientist, who fell into the Primordial Mirror, and learned the Secrets to Life (But will never tell anyone) takes the role of Gaster.

Rosco, another werewolf that runs a smoothie shop in Pine Shrouds, because he believes that PineShrouds is too hot (Even though it's always snowing) takes the role of Grillby.

(More Characters TBA)

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