"Fnaf - Sister's Lamet" Is A Crossover AU Where The FNAF Charaters Take The Places Of The Undertale Cast. Most Of This Au's Story Revovles Around Sister Location. If You Have Not Played Fnaf, Leave Now. Do Not Say I Didn't Warn You.

Charater Changes

  • Afton / Purple Guy - Frisk
  • Baby / Afton's Dauthger - Chara
  • Fnaf 4 Child - Asriel
  • Bidybab - Flowey
  • Ennard - Toriel
  • Mike ( Fnaf 1 Nightgaurd ) - Blooky
  • Bonnie - Sans
  • Chica - Papyrus
  • Springtrap - Undyne
  • Puppet - Alphys
  • Jermy ( Fnaf 2 Nightgaurd ) - Mettaton
  • Foxy - Asgore


17 Months After The Burning Of Fazbears Fright, Sevral Animtronics Were Found Lying Around. Since The Fazbear Fanchise Has Caused So Much Trouble For The Past 49 Years, The Suits Were Buried Underground.

Little Did The Cops Know, The Animtronics Were Still Working. Making A Life Underground, The Animtronics Were Confused About What Happend. They Only Found Out The Truth When A Newspaper Fell From The Surface.

Ever Since They Found Out... They Hated Humanity. They Gathered 6 Human Souls. Legand Says If They Got 7... They Would Be Free.

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