JuicyLovesMC takes Papyrus's role in GoldenTale.

Physical Appearance

Fluffy takes the appearance of a white-furred Nubian Goat, much like Toriel, Asgore, Asriel, and Dusty. He wears his "Battle Jacket" which is just a red jacket, black pants with a white stripe on each side, a golden scarf made by Dusty, and light green eyes.


Fluffy can summon a spear anytime he likes. The rest of his powers are Sans-like.



Fluffy and Dusty are good friends, although not related. However, they often do fun things with each other


Fluffy once begged KK to be in the royal guard, so KK decided to give him training.


Has a MAJOR crush on him.


Fluffy is super energetic and he is a narcissist. He HATES Dusty's horrible puns. Also, he loves to make cakes, but for some reason, nobody likes them.


Much like Sans and Papyrus (in the original Undertale), Fluffy appeared out of seemingly nowhere. But, he also remembers that he was born by Toriel's sister, Tutriel. He found Dusty in the DUMP.


  • Fluffy is named after one of the dogs that the creator had.
  • Fluffy (In-character) is actually allergic to Echo Flowers.
  • The creator original wanted Fluffy to be a skeleton and named "Aster", but he changed his mind.

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