Flowey also known as Floe by the fans is an Underswap version of Temmie, he is very equal to Temmie since he is Swapped with Temmie. He talks in broken english.



Floe looks just like UT Flowey, but instead, since swapped with Temmie, Floe is now In a little pot in his shop. Floe's pot has a red ribbon and a few sticker on it, and the box looks just like Temmie's, but with Floe instead of Tem


Floe is clueless like Temmie from the original Undertale and speaks with a broken English characteristic. Unlike Tem Flakes, Floe sells Friendly Pelletz and Plant Foooood as consumables.


  • Floes have their own village called Floe Village in Underswap

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