Flowey is the second major character encounters in Truetale. He saves the protagonist from Socky and guides them through the Ruins.

Flowey is a Flower that has 6 Yellow Petals. He wears a short purple robe.

Flowey is a kind monster that trying to protect the protagonist.

He enjoys cooking and bakes pellets pie.

Before the events of Truetale, he and Chara is friends. Chara declare war on others humanity, and as a result, he divorced her, abdicated he throne, and retreated to the Ruins.

He had seen Chara murder multiple humans and take their SOULs.

Neutral Route:

At the beginning of Truetale, Flowey saves the protagonist from Socky, healing any damage done by the murderous sock. After introducing himself, he guides them through the first few rooms of the Ruins. She encourages the protagonist to deal with monsters encounters by talking to them, as opposed to acting violently.

He gives the protagonist a cell phone to keep in contact with one another, as he need to run some errands further into the Ruins. He tells to stay where they are, only to be disobeyed. He called the protagonist frequently as the protagonist goes through the Ruins, and is about to call them again when he finds the protagonist at the entrance to his home.

He introduces the protagonist to their room and plans to raise them as his own. After the protagonist ask her about leaving the Ruins, Flowey abruptly leaves; the protagonist follows.

As he goes toward the exit of the Ruins, he explains that he plans to destroy the exit to prevent the protagonist from leaving, as all other humans who left had died.

At the end of the Ruins, Flowey tells the protagonist to prove themself strong enough to survive and fights them in a test of strength. He can be killed or spared; if spared, Flowey lets the protagonist go but tells them not to come back.

True Pacifist Route:

Flowey reappears just as Chara and the protagonist prepare to fight, interruption it with his's pellets attack, much like he does with Socky at the start of Truetale. He explains the motive of his arrival was the realization that the protagonist would have to take a life to leave, and that he had been trying to prevent such a thing from the beginning.

As the protagonist's friends come, he introduces himself to them and recognizes Asgore's voice immediately. He tells the protagonist that while they may have to stay Underground with all their friends, they will live a happy life regardless.

Socky then appears. Having absorbed the human SOULs, he binds Flowey and company with tear attack. When Socky tries to kill the protagonist, Flowey is the first monster to intervene, using his's pellet attack to block Socky's bullets. His SOUL, along with every other monsters', is eventually absorbed by Socky, allowing him to become Sans.

During the protagonist's battle with Sans, Flowey appears as one of the Lost Souls.


After the fight against Sans concludes, she learns the protagonist's name, "Mettaton." He tells them that they are free to go through the Underground to talk to more of their friends. Meanwhile, Frisk upgrades Flowey's phone, allowing her to send text messages.

Mettaton leaves the Underground with Flowey and their other friends. As the others leave Mettaton to begin their lives on the Surface, Flowey asks Mettaton what they will do now.

*If Mettaton decides to stay with Flowey, He says that none of this would have happened and that it was for the best that they decided to leave the Ruins. He then promises to take care of Mettaton for as long as they need.After the credits, Flowey brings a slice of pie to Mettaton's room.

*If Mettaton says that they "have places to go," Flowey says that she will see them later. After the credits, Mettaton and their monster friends are shown together in a sepia photograph.

In Battle

Flowey attacks with pellets in various formations, but will not hurt the protagonist if they have attempted to spare he 11 times or have less than 3 HP. He may be attacked normally and be spared by attempting to spare he 24 times. The last spare will prove successful.


Note: All damages assume no armor and LV 1.

*Vine sweep: A vine appears at the top-left corner of the Bullet Board and sweeps in an arc to the top-right corner, leaving a trail of pellets. When the vine reaches the other side of the board, the pellets will launch towards the SOUL and bounce off of the walls. In later rounds, the attack contains a second vine that starts at the bottom-right corner and mirrors the first. This attack ends immediately if the SOUL touches either vine. This attack does 3 damage per pellet hit, and 4 damage for a vine hit.

*Pellet waves: Streams of pellets fall from the top of the Bullet Board in a crisscrossing double-helix pattern and accumulate at the bottom.The streams have holes in the middle of them to dodge through, including two safe spots in both top corners. In the harder version of this attack, the Bullet Board is shorter, and pellets are hovering at the sides.The safe corner spots still exist despite this but are smaller and harder to reach. This attack does 4 damage per hit.

*Pellet helix: Thicker streams of pellets, too thick to dodge through, but they do not sweep back and forth, allowing a careful player to keep their SOUL safe between the streams. This does 4 damage per hit.

*Faltering: Pellets fall haphazardly from the top of the Bullet Board, but deliberately move away from the SOUL if they come close, making it impossible to take damage from this attack. If the protagonist's HP is 2 or less, Flowey will use this attack exclusively . he will end his other attacks immediately if they reduce the protagonist's HP to 2. He will also use this attack after the 11th Spare, regardless of health. After the 12th, he stops attacking entirely.

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