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"Entry 17:

Friendly, friendlier, yet friendlier. The friendliness keeps growing. Yuck! Friendliness.... ugh! Well, what do you two (idiots) think?"
– Entry Seventeen

Flowey is the ☜☼☼⚐☼📪 🏱☼☜💧💧 ✌☠✡ 😐☜✡ ❄⚐ 👍⚐☠❄✋☠🕆☜.

Also, have a Wingdings Translator open in another tab.


He ☹✋😐☜💧 👎☼. ❄☜💣, and, is Frisk's 'friend'.


On 🕆☠😐☠⚐🕈☠ at 🕆☠😐☠⚐🕈☠ AM, Flowey fell into the CORE, his own creation.

And his 👎✌❄✌ 👍⚐☼☼🕆🏱❄☜👎📪👎✌❄✌ 👍⚐☼☼🕆🏱❄☜👎📪👎✌❄✌ 👍⚐☼☼🕆🏱❄☜👎📪👎✌❄✌ 👍⚐☼☼🕆🏱❄☜👎📪👎✌❄✌ 👍⚐☼☼🕆🏱❄☜👎📪👎✌❄✌ 👍⚐☼☼🕆🏱❄☜👎📪👎✌❄✌ 👍⚐☼☼🕆🏱❄☜👎📪👎✌❄✌ 👍⚐☼☼🕆🏱❄☜👎📪👎✌❄✌ 👍⚐☼☼🕆🏱❄☜👎📪👎✌❄✌ 👍⚐☼☼🕆🏱❄☜👎📪👎✌❄✌ 👍⚐☼☼🕆🏱❄☜👎📪👎✌❄✌ 👍⚐☼☼🕆🏱❄☜👎📪👎✌❄✌ 👍⚐☼☼🕆🏱❄☜👎📪👎✌❄✌ 👍⚐☼☼🕆🏱❄☜👎📪👎✌❄✌ 👍⚐☼☼🕆🏱❄☜👎📪👎✌❄✌ 👍⚐☼☼🕆🏱❄☜👎.

He was stuck there forever.

Alphys also fell after him, in the Waterlands when she was hanging out with Undyne.


He likes ButtsPie.

And death.

And dust.

And other evil stuff.


✌👍👍☜💧💧 ☠⚐❄ ☝☼✌☠❄☜👎.

 ☹⚐⚐😐 ✌❄ ✋☠☞⚐👌⚐✠ ☞⚐☼ ✋☠☞⚐☼💣✌❄✋⚐☠.


  • He hates everything normal Flowey hates
  • He's called Switched by the different Flowey from AUs, or, Switched Up

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