"Name the fallen boss monster."
– Naming Screen

Flowey, also known as the First Monster or the Fallen Boss Monster, is the first monster to fall into the Underground.




Normally, Flowey has a shirt that looks like Chara's, yellow ears, and, yellow eyes.

Creepy Face

Like Chara, he has a creepy face.

His creepy face is based on the Flowey Evil Battle Sprite.

Jumpscare Face

His Jumpscare Face is his laughing face.


Flowey, hates monsterkind, besides Asriel for some reason.

He's pretty kind, and, will stand up for his friends.

He likes Flowers a lot.


He hated monsterkind for sealing humanity Underground.

Asriel, his 3 Year Old friend, tried to stop him from falling at Mt. Ebbott, but, failed.

He fell.

He thought he was dead, but, he saw a human.

He was scared.

He knew they didn't have magic, but, he grabbed the human's hand.

The human's name was Asreil, and, he was the... prince of humans!?!?

Flowey was adopted by the royal family.

One day, he made a plan.

He ate the buttercups.

When Asreil was in the room, Flowey told Asreil one thing:

"Asre... please, absorb my SOUL...

and, please...

get 7 SOULs."

Asreil absorbed it, and, became the God of Determination.

He went to the surface, Flowey's body in hand.

He tried to get 7 SOULs peacefully...

but, they killed him.

He went back to Under Mt. Ebbot...

and, died.

His body disappeared, and, Flowey's dust was put in a coffin.




"Wh - what is it, Flowey?"
– Flowey to Asreil

Asreil is Flowey's adoptive brother.

Flowey calls Asreil, Asre.

He gave Flowey a Heart Locket with vines on it, called the 'Vine Locket'.


"Gorey, do you think Flowey will be okay?"

"I do - don't know, Tori."
– Tori after Flowey got sick

Tori, being Flowey's adoptive mom, was a influence for him.

He says 'howdy' though, like Gorey.

Tori was the one who gave him the 'Worn Vine Dagger'.


Gorey is the one Flowey got his fighting skills from.

Main Story

Neutral Route


In the Ruins, they were awoken by Asriel's Determination.

They didn't expect to ever see Asriel again.

When he saw Butter, he almost knew it was Asreil.

Than, when he tried to kill Asriel, he was happy to see Tori.

When Asriel fought Tori, they were sad.

They left The Ruins frowning.



True Pacifist Route

After beating Omega Butter, he was happy to help Undeen with her Alphys problem.

When the date happened...

Flowey was just covering their eyes.

Genocide Route


he was for some reason happy.

He was being a sicko, about a sicko.


  • He doesn't like killing to much
  • That said he does like to see SOULs, which only appear (except in battle) when people die
  • He likes to eat chocolate like Chara
  • He has a small tuft of hair, that's kinda unoticable

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