Flowey is a Character in Solartale who takes the role of Papyrus from Undertale.


Oddly, Flowey's backstory can not be found in game unless the play their edits their files by naming their character "sans". In terms of his story, Asriel survived going to the town and came back to Snowdin. His friend (Possibly the Mad Dummy pre-ghost) played a game of Truth or Dare, and they were both dared by another friend (Possibly the Regular Dummy also pre-ghost) to go into the Weeping Cave, or where the Eliknsni (The alien race that lived in the solartale system before the monsters were teleported there) resided. He and his friend accepted the dare and unfortunately died, However, Eliknsi blood is very Determination-Ripe and some was spilled on Asriel, who died on a flowerbed, thus creating Flowey. Sans helped fight the Eliknsni off and eventually sealing them into the cave.About this time, Flowey wakes up and Sans realizes his crying and puts flowey in a pot. He then talked to Alphys about her making an Artificial Monster soul for flowey. about 2 months later, the AS was done. The body created by the SOUL was exactly the same as Papyrus' Body. That is the end of Flowey's story.

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