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'Salutations! Welcome to Tidulidde'.

Florence-Hazel, also known as Florenscious is a human that becomes a flower by a spell cast by her evil brother Rowan. She was one of the first settlers of Tidulidde in OverIsland. She has Toriel's personality and she's paranoid about everything. She is believed to not actually be a flower but chooses to stay in this form. Rumors have spread about that her true name is something else. Florence lived around the same time as Gaster and watched him grow up.


She looks very similar to Flowey but with a mustard blush, leaves and white markings. Her design has went through a big change. Her eyes are a beautiful bright blue and she wears Eras' yellow and white scarf. Her blush is pink and yellow.


You'd know straight away that she's a warrior. She's very brave, daring, helpful, intelligent and emotional. She's also a thinker.

Other quotes

'I was bullied all those years before. Bullied so much that I thought that everybody was a bully'.

'I couldn't tell who was my family because the Tidulians were always there for me'.

'I'm afraid I'm lost'.


  • She was originally called Florice.

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