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Flowey is an important character of the AU

LogTale, created by StrikeYoko on deviantART.

He is categorized as a so called "SOUL-Amalgamate".


His appearance is identical to Classic!Flowey.


As SOUL-Amalgamate Flowey is more or less a fusion between 2 characters: Asriel Dreemurr and Dark Chara. Flowey is referred to as unique entity nevertheless, even if it's possible to determine which character has more influence on certain moments.

Floweys personality doesn't change much in comparison with Classic!Flowey.


  • Determination perks: Time manipulation
  • Vines and magic bullets


After Charas death her SOUL left her body and splitted in 2 parts: A small normal red one ( which contains the rest of Charas compassion, love and will to care about others) and a bigger, darkish red one (which contains every negative feeling Chara ever had and which is basically Dark Charas SOUL). Asriel, unable to see that the SOUL splitted in half, absorbed the dark one and became the Absolute God of Hyperdeath. Wrecked with grief he passed the barrier to show Chara the flowers of her village a last time, but he got soon attacked by the villagers which were scared of his appearance. Dark Chara tried to convice Asriel to kill those people, but he refused and walked back into the Underground, where he collapsed because of his wounds.

Not long after that Dr. Alphys walked by and found him, but she didn't recognized him as Asriel and thought, he is one of this "fallen down", comatose monsters she could use for her research. She carried him into her lab and treated him like the other test subjects by injecting DETERMINATION into him. A few days later Asriel died and turned into dust, but because of the connection between him and Dark Chara the SOUL remained. Dr. Alphys accidently thought, that her experiment succeeded and transferred the SOUL into the prepared vessel, the golden flower. As result of that process and the additional DETERMINATION the SOULs  of Dark Chara and Asriel melted together and formed an entire new entity: Flowey. In the meantime all of the other comatose monsters awakened, and then melted into each other. Terrified and because the vessel didn't showed any reaction she declared the experiment as failed. She was so ashamed, that she didn't even mentioned her "success" with Asriels SOUL in the Lab entrys. As she wanted to bring the flower back into Asgores garden she noticed that it vanished without a trace.


  • Flowey doesn't has an own theme colour or instrument.
  • related Undertale tracks: Your best friend, You Idiot, Your best nightmare, His theme

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