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HELPtale Flowey

Flowey is a flower that speaks in fluent English (possibly because of UnderSwap Floe?) He is one of the antagonists of HELP_tale even though he doesn't pose an actual threat.



His appearance is disturbing. He has one eye containing no pupil, some of his petals are torn, and he has a creepy widened smile.


First encounter

(Gurgling Noises)

~ battle start ~

*Flowey ran away.

Flowey: Die.

*But nobody came.

When leaving the Ruins

  • Flowey wants to give you something.
  • T_ake_?

Item_locket_ text_%&!

[screen_yes.] [screen_yes.]

  • Leave?
  • Thank Thank Thank Thank Thank Thank Thank Thank Thank Thank Thank Tha Than tha THA ThAn ThAnk....
  • He...hel...p.....He...Lp.........hE......lP...
  • .....
  • You got the locket.

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