I'll turn everyone in this worthless world to DUST.

Flowey is a small flower who lacks a SOUL and therefore emotions, his motto is "kill or BE killed." He is on a SOUL harvest to get 16 SOULs to destroy everything in the underground. He has taken the SOUL of Chara and has Frisk trapped, leaving her friends to help save her.

He can use vines to stab through others and take their SOULs, tie them up in vines and destroy them altogether (similarily to Error!Sans except easier to escape) and he can teleport by burrowing into the ground, he can also burrow to other AUs, although he rarely does this.

He is the main antagonist in the FloweyTale animated series.


You may add to this list all you like, but do not remove anything unless you put it there or you have permission.

  • Undertale Frisk once saw a Flowey who tried to rip their SOUL out, although they escaped.
  • Error404 has told Error!Sans about a strange flower trying to rip out his non-existant SOUL.
  • UnderSwap Sans has once claimed to see a flower hiding in a corner trying to tie him up with vines.
  • Error!Sans has told Blueberry Sans about trying to trap a Flowey that he could not eliminate.
  • Geno!Sans has claimed to have seen a Flowey trying to take him out of the loading screen to kill him.


Targeting = someone who is not yet captured but is being targeted by Flowey.

Trapped = someone who has lost their SOUL to Flowey and is trapped inside of it.

Killed = Someone who has been killed and had their SOUL taken.

Floweytale Frisk - Trapped

Floweytale Chara - Killed

Floweytale Sans - Targeted

Floweytale Undyne - Trapped

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