"Happiness is the best thing of all!"
– Flowey's Motto

Flowey (also known as "Flowey the Flower", "Flowey the Happy Flower", and, "Dumb Happy Flower") is a ghost, and, the narrator in and out of battle.


Flowey is a Buttercup with Light Yellow petals, Rose eyes, and, a Lime Steam.

He is always smiling, rarely ever frowning.

He sometimes has other faces.

He has a tuft of hair like Asriel.


He is a crybaby like Asriel, and, when in a negative situation, he lists positive things (i.g. "C'mon, Frisk! You could... dance, hum, anything to be happy!").

He is basically Underfell Flowey, except happier than him.

He really likes the Genocide Fight Songs (Battle Against a True Hero, MEGALOVANIA, and, Megalo Strike Back) for some reason, maybe because he was Chara's Best Friend.


After Frisk Saved Asriel, Flowey, who was stuck inside Asriel, became a ghost.

After trying to kill Napstablook, he discovered he could feel.

Being happy about this, he went to The Surface.

He saw Chara.

He went inside only to see Frisk fighting Chara!

He decided to narrate, and, help Frisk stay Determined.



"(* The Demon of Death blocks the way!)"
– Flowey narrating the Chara Battle

Chara was Flowey's former Best Friend as Asriel, so, he feels bad about Chara becoming a demon, as if its his fault.

He wishes he could change it, but, he can't.

He kinda likes them, but, Temmie more.


"Asriel, I'm happy your my friend."

"Technically, we're the same person, Flowey."
– Flowey and Asriel

Since their (formerly) the same person, they have the same likes (besides the Genocide Songs and listing positive things), relationships, etc.


Toriel is Flowey's adoptive mom.

He's happy his flower can be in a pot in the Dreemurr's New New Home House.


While he doesn't approve that much about the names of the monster homes underground, he realizes he named himself Flowey.

Like Frisk and Asriel, every 3 weeks, he goes to Asgore's House.

Flowey mostly stays near his pot in Frisk and Asriel's Room.


"Golly, Frisk! S - stop. D - don't die."
– Flowey when Frisk almost dies in the Chara fight

Since he's a Dreemurr, he's Frisk's adopted brother. It's kinda hard to be when your

  1. a flower
  2. a ghost flower


He regrets trying to kill Frisk 1 Million Times.


  • He's odd, because he has leafs as arms, but, he has Vines as an attack, and, ability
  • Like Asriel, he can speak Temish including "howdy"
  • He can't posses things

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