"Howdy! I'm Trashy! Trashy the Flower! ^^"
– Trashy, when she meets the protagonist

Trashy The Flower is a space colored flower made by UndertaleTrash3, soon adopted by ~UltimateAnimuu~ for Chat!Tale.


Her color scheme is hard to explain, so I'll just do it easily, her petals are space colored(meaning just a space background, when I get my computer I'll show ya.).She has a green stem and bright pink eyes.


She is a lot more energetic than Flowey. She has a very cheerful personality in the beginning of the Pacifist Route, yet she seems more suspicious in the Genocide and Neutral routes. She will give you "Helpfulness pellets", which are actually harmful bullets. She will also yell " Its Kick Or Be Kicked" at the protagonist.


  • Trashy was originally called Garbage, yet they changed her name.
  • Trashy has the same Space-Themed color scheme as Trashysan, UndertaleTrash3's character in Friendstale, however, Trash changed her character and is no longer Onionsan.
  • Trashy is aware that the protagonist wants to kill people in the Genocide and Neutral routes, unlike Undertale Flowey.
  • Everything owned by this user was adopted by ~UltimateAnimuu~. 

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