"Howdy! Its me, Flowey! Flowey the Flower! Hm... I didn't think you were an idiot before... but, now I know you are." "Azzie? More like... giant headed Demon Flower... geez, I'm bad at names. Than again, I'm named Monster Kid." "Almost bad as dad."
– Flowey and Monster Kid, Neutral Ending

Flowey, is, still The Empty One, but, he felt when Chara fell again.

That's when he realized, its not "Kill or Be Killed" its "Spare or Be Spared".


10 days after he died, he woke up, and, had no arms or legs!

He called for help, and, Asgore eventually came... let's just get to Pati (Light Blue) falling.

When she fell, Flowey was still using his powers for good.

He spared her, and, than, eventually, when she was most vulnerable, killed her. Afterall, in a world without love, only LOVE, why spare when you can kill? He needed to repair the hole in his heart. Chara.

Eventually, Clover fell, and, we all know 'bout UT: Yellow, right?


In his normal form, he has a striped shirt which is green with yellow stripes, floppy goat ears, and, he has no shoes.

God of Hyperdeath, has Toriel's Robe, The Locket, and, a small crown.

Angel of Death Asriel, has Undyne the Undying's Gloves, MTT NEO's Wings, and, a container with the SOULs in it, and, a tiny bit of Chara's SOUL.

Human SOULs

For some reason, whenever he sees the 6 Human SOULs in the canisters not protected, he'll absorb them. In Genocide, he doesn't since, well, Chara.

That's why you fight Photoshop Flowey and Asriel Dreemurr.

Genocide Route

"Your not really human, are you two? No. Your empty inside, just like me." "Well, one of us is." "... I'm sorry, Chara." "F - frisk?""
– Flowey, Chara and Frisk at Ruins - End

Frisk, heard a voice and killed Toriel.

In New Home, he doesn't show up. He doesn't kill his dad. His dad dies from Frisk who absorbs his SOUL and fights Chara (LV. 1) and Flowey (LV. 3) and, Frisk's LV. 20, with 99 HP! Will they win?


True Pacifist

"Hee, hee, hee! Now all your SOULs are MINE! Even yours, Monster Kid." "Frisk... be careful, dude. Er.. no! Yo, Frisk! Stay determined! With Determination you can do anything!"
– Flowey and Monster Kid before Flowey becomes God of Hyperdeath Asriel

Flowey, like in Undertale, absorbs the Human SOULs and Monster Ones. The SOULs, after Hyperbeam, rebel. And, over time, turn Asriel back to his Kid Form.


He tells his and Chara's Story in New Home, as the Vegetoids, Vulkins, etc, all follow Chara, Frisk and Flowey around.

Asriel and Chara's TRUE Story

  • Howdy, Chara, Frisk, Monster Kid! I'm guessing you'll all want to know our story, huh?
  • I was exploring The Ruins one day, when I faintly heard the words, "H...elp...", faintly. I peeked and it was a human!
  • "Oh! You've fallen down, haven't you... Are you okay? Here, get up..." They said they were Chara.

...Chara, huh? That's a nice name. My name's Asriel!"

  • I brought them home, &, inside. We were like siblings!
  • One day, Chara had a plan. They'd eat the buttercups, and, I'd absorb their SOUL, cross The Barrier and kill the humans. I agreed, reluctantly. We agreed to only absorb already out of body Human SOULs.
  • A human shot me with a white spear, and, I bled.

I went home, and, turned to dust.

  • ... well. We're here. Chara, your my best friend. Good luck, okay?


  • Flowey has the most sprites, period. Not even just battle. He emotes in the Overworld, sometimes.
  • He does:
  1. Chara's Face
  2. Frisk's Face
  3. Temmie's Face
  4. And, Asriel's
  • In Battle, he does:
  1. Chara
  2. Frisk
  3. Temmie
  4. Asriel
  5. Asgore
  6. Toriel
  7. Monster Kid
  8. Papyrus
  9. Sans
  10. Undyne
  11. Alphys
  12. Blooky
  • Temmie likes him

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