Midnight is the first major character that Olivia encounters in Amicistale. Midnight serves as the main antagonist for most of the story, specifically the Neutral and True Pacifist routes. She provides an introduction to the overall mechanics of encounters by sharing "awesomeness pellets," which are actually harmful bullets, revealing her philosophy of "KILL or BE KILLED."


Pretty much the same as the original Flowey, except her stem is a darker shade of green and her petals are black.


At first, Midnight acts overly friendly and a bit kawaii. She openly greets Olivia when they approach her by saying, "Hiya!' and calls herself their new best friend! She sometimes uses words such as "Gosh!" or "Golly!" during her sentences. If she drops this façade, then she will often call Olivia an idiot and attempt to kill her.

Midnight's actual personality is that of a malevolent and cruel disposition, making fun of Olivia for not following her "kill or be killed" philosophy. Despite this, she also criticizes her at the end of the Ruins if she killed any monster within it. She is manipulative, devious, and a cunning planner and subtle if the circumstances require it. She retains her memories between the SAVEs because she was once able to SAVE as well. She is also shown to be extremely cowardly, as she kills her former father to appease Olivia in an attempt to save her own life in the Genocide Route's conclusion.

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