"Heya. I'm Fixedsys. I'm a skeleton, but that's obvious."
– Fixedsys

Fixedsys is a female skeleton. She is the little sister of Consolas. She makes video games for the Underground, to keep them entertained.



She is very focused on her work. Consolas often describes her as lazy, but she says she's "not moving inclined". She likes to play around with the codes of video games and poke fun with her brother. She's carefree and funloving during other routes, but serious and merciless during the Genocide Route. She enjoys singing, and people that hear her says her voice is "like a rose". She is very skilled in her work.


She has white bones and no hair. Her pupils are white circles. Her "interesting" feature is a long skeletal tail.

She wears a black T-shirt which shows both of her shoulder, a turquoise tank top underneath her shirt, a colorful skirt with pixel designs on it and black combat boots.



She is Consolas's little sister. They have a close bond, but Consolas often sees her as lazy.

Crazy Nude Artist Sans

She is nervous around his, but secretly, she does have a crush on him. She'd never admit it, though.


She hates SANESSS, and is afraid of him at the same time. Her thoughts about him is "What the hell?"

Times New Roman

She is a bit uneasy around him.


  • Fixedsys is the font that the majority of Undertale is in.


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