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FixItTale is a sub-alternate universe where Frisk is forced to go through the Genocide Route in the first play through by the player. Due to Frisk's actions in rebellion against the Player's control and core coding of the verse, several errors occur during the reset.

General Plot

During the reset, the human finds a strange feeling of clarity as if they are free from control of a third party; initially believing it was Chara they were free of until the first child reveals themselves. Upon learning that it was indeed not Chara whom had controlled them, the human child is filled with Determination to fix everything using the knowledge they absorbed from the Genocide Route; though Chara is curious, they don't believe they can be saved.

Frisk completely ignores the coding, or more so outruns it. Though with the first encounter with the Flowey the Flower, the human allows it to hit it with pellets after saying "I won't allow you to suffer, friend," though Flowey completely dismisses its words and attacks only to be disciplined by a fireball thrown by Toriel.

Most of the beginning goes as planned, except the human escapes into the ruins before Toriel could stop them or fight them in order to avoid a fight all together. After their confrontation with Sans and Papyrus, recruiting Flowey to their cause and beginning to confront Undyne, the Player strikes.

Changes and Notes

  • Unlike Canon, Frisk's gender is Female, but has an androgynous body-type.
  • There are two new Routes called "Freedom Route" and "FixIt Route"
  • After the Genocide Route, Frisk's personality is altered and is freed from the Player's influence. They've become less obedient, make puns as well as jokes and seem to Fancy Sans.
  • Frisk learned Determination Magic after the Genocide Route.
  • Frisk K.O'ed Sans during the Genocide Route, but he believes Frisk killed them.
  • The Player is a reoccurring Antagonist both indirectly and directly.
  • The Player enters and torments Frisk, Chara and Sans during the Freedom Route.
  • Frisk called for Help and the child souls came, erecting Omega Flowey.
  • Chara, due to a Glitch, is gifted life prior and during the Freedom Route's Reset which starts the FixIt Route. Chara and Frisk fall into the Underground together after the Reset.
  • Sans briefly reunites with Gaster at the end of the Freedom Route, learning that he was erased from the Timeline and that he wasn't going insane because he remembered him and no one else did.

Underground Routes

Freedom Route


FixIt Route


Surface Routes


Readable At

This AU is readable on the imvu group page known as "Stories of Determination," it is linked in the infobox. In order to read, one must first make an IMVU account, sign in once on the chat client (In order to send private messages), and then ask one of the moderators of "Stories of Determination" to join and read. People are also welcome to create their own AU Roleplay Verses in the group be it 1 on 1 or open.

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