Please Keep In Mind That I Would NOT Like Having This Article Edited Other Than Myself(GlitchKitty).


""Hello? Well then. Welcome to- Wait a minute...Oh no...Listen. YOU, Frisk, Your Job Is You HAVE to Stall the animatronics. OK?""
– -Chara on night 1

Five Nights At Undertale (Also known as FNAU or Five nights at Ebott), is a AU.


FNAU has a similar intro and story, except for one thing. The whole cast of FNAF is replaced with a undertale character.


(I will NOT Make a FNAF undertale au)

The switches are:

Frisk is now in Mike's role

Sans is now in Freddy's Role

Alpys is now in Chica's Role

Undyne is now in Foxy's Role

Papyrus is now in Bonnie's Role

Chara is now in Phone Guy's Role

Asgore is now in Purple guy/Springtrap's Role

Error!Sans is now in Golden Freddy's role

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